11/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Live from the Bruce Springsteen Obama Concert

Thank goodness for global warming - here in Philadelphia it is more than 75 degrees on this October day.

We are here with thousands of Obama supporters as we listen to Amos Lee and other performers before the Boss comes on stage.

The campaign took over a part of Ben Franklin Parkway and built a soundstage in the heart of the city.

This swing state is now swinging strongly for Obama - but nothing can be taken for granted. Although recent polls put Obama up by 7-9 points here in PA, there is still time for that gap to narrow.

PA Gov Ed Rendell addresses the crowd - "As long as I am up here I promise NOT to wink at you" - the crowd goes wild.

-- Bruce is now on stage - the audience is hushed.

Today he is playing acoustic from his album "Nebraska." He is channeling Bob Dylan with songs of struggles of life.

"I'm no hero, it's understood...but with the chance of making good"

"Come take my hand as we walk to the promised land."


Bruce pauses his performance to address the audience:

"I have spent my life measuring the distance between the American Dream and the American Reality

"Barack Obama has taken that measure as well. Never has the gap between the Dream and Reality been greater.

"What we need now is an American Reclamation Project. Bush and Cheney leave office (applause) leaving us Iraq, Katrina and the financial mess.

Around the world, we remain the repository of people's dreams. A thousand George Bushes and dick Cheneys cannot tear that house down.

I want my house back, I want my country back. I want my America back."

The crowd cheers.

Thank you Bruce for reminding us of what is important in life and how important this election is for "making good" in this great nation.