12/24/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Top Ten lists of Top Ten things Obama Should Do on Day 1

According to recent reports, Barak Obama has now read more than 142 lists of "Ten things Obama should do on Day 1" from such varied sources as Time and Newsweek to the blogs of Moby and Ace Ventura Pet Detective. The latter includes this tip: "Obama should convert the Lincoln bedroom to a 50,000 gallon aquarium complete with scuba gear." Thanks, Ace.

Have you submitted your ten point plan for Obama? What are you waiting for? While 200,000 people have applied for jobs in the Administration , only 10,000 people so far have sent in an agenda. I am sure there are more pundits somewhere who have not yet weighed in on the first 100 days.

Speaking of pundits, Obama's team has hatched a brilliant plan to co-opt the punditrocracy right from the get go. The new administration plans to anoint a Pundit Laureate every year. The PL, as he or she will be known, will blather on and on, repeating conventional wisdom on all topics far and wide - none of which he or she will have any qualifications on which to pontificate.

This incessant stream of political play-by-play will, it is hoped, drown out the pundits who frequent the same news shows again and again testing each other's boredom power (BP). A list of pundits rated by their BP is now circulating among the transition staff and a short list is getting shorter by the minute.

The transition team has been using which is a great new online service from Ebay that lets you buy and sell pundits based on the number of recent TV appearances, op-eds published and the number of off- hand remarks made on the Acela between New York and DC.