06/14/2013 05:58 pm ET Updated Aug 14, 2013

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

The Dating Ring -- everything old is new again! Who doesn't have a mother, aunt or cousin who wants to "fix you up"? Not to worry, grandma, Lauren Kay, Brown graduate and modern matchmaker, is the answer to your prayers.

The Dating Ring, recently founded by Brooklyn resident Lauren Kay, offers a new spin on an old profession: matchmaking. The Dating Ring is Lauren's answer to the flawed and isolated monotony of dating websites.

"Online dating takes a lot of time and work," claims the enthusiastic Lauren. "People in their 20s do not know what they are looking for. Not only do you have to blindly search for yourself on all these websites, but you don't even know what you are searching for." Lauren provides an alternative to the obstacles individuals face attempting to foster relationships through virtual dating sites: personal service.

Lauren interviews each candidate in a group setting and asks a variety of personal questions, from family life to past dating experiences to future goals. If she spots a potential couple, Lauren will set up a date. More often, however, Lauren organizes groups of six individuals she believes are compatible and sends them on a "group date." At the end of the evening, Lauren asks each of her candidates to provide feedback via a survey, with questions such as "Would you see this person again? If not, why?"

So far, Lauren's Dating Ring has produced one happy couple. As of today, they are still going strong. Lauren is currently in the process of creating a "technological framework" via an algorithm based on the feedback of her candidates to ensure a love match.

Lauren founded SmartSitting, a premier Manhattan-based educational babysitting and nanny service, while attending Brown University. She is currently the executive director. Lauren extensively vets and personally interviews all of the babysitting and nanny candidates. As of today, SmartSitting has a network of 250 fully screened caregivers.

While at Brown, Lauren majored in American Studies with a self-initiated concentration in Love. She taught a class called "The Science, Psychology, and Philosophy of How and Why We Fall in Love." Lauren applies the scientific, psychological, and philosophical aspects of love she studied in college to The Ring.

What sets The Dating Ring apart from online dating services is the personalized service Lauren provides. Lauren brings innovation and crisp ideas to the game of love. Speaking to Lauren, I couldn't help but think of Audrey Tautou in Amélie, the adorable French gamine who plays matchmaker to her lovelorn customers in her Paris café. Lauren Kay, however, is an entrepreneur who utilizes her expertise to provide an analytic, socially-intelligent approach to the irrational, nerve racking dating game.

If you missed The Dating Ring's launch party at The Delancey, visit The Dating Ring's website for upcoming love events:

Here is the link for SmartSitting: