04/03/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

My Year with Obama

Since eagerly casting my vote for Obama,
I've lived through a year of political trauma.

Through the campaign I was there behind him,
Since that time it's been so hard to find him.

He's a pragmatic man of highest capacity,
So where did he hide his fabled audacity?

His oration of hope caused me to cheer,
Now I sit waiting for results to appear.

Some health care bill he'll nudge to adoption,
But where, oh where is that public option?

Right wing zealots who blame and reproach,
Relish Obama's bipartisan approach.

He sooths opponents with moderate lobs,
I want him to fight for working-class jobs.

I couldn't hold my fuming rancor,
Billions for each mendacious banker!

I had hoped that aid to the needy would soar,
Instead he sends funds to an Afghan war.

Waging that war produced a surprise,
They gave him a Nordic peace prize.

I yearn for a leader both passionate and bold,
Obama plies reason that's clinical and cold.

It's true that in life you never can tell,
I should have voted for feisty Michele.