06/08/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Citizens Have Voted

The citizens have voted; they've cast their lot
We're sure they voted, who knows for what?
They vote to the left, then switch to the right
On what they believe, they shed little light

The poll results, they're not worth a nickel--
We pick our leaders in ways that are fickle
Elect a scoundrel, the next time a cad
Whoever shells out for a cool TV ad

The right is united; decisions don't drag
In every election they vote for the flag
The left is inept but remarkably pure
Maiming each other on matters obscure

When a Kennedy icon, sadly, expired
The people declared, your party's retired!
Here comes a new group, both clueless and loud
The burn-down-Washington Tea Party crowd

Health care reform, that's a socialist plot
Global warming, the earth's not that hot
The infrastructure, don't add a new tax
The mentally ill, should learn to relax

I hate to be pinned with the label "elite"
But I'm quite ready to withstand the heat
On this they tell me I ought to keep mum
The voting public is plain frigging dumb