10/31/2016 11:13 pm ET Updated Oct 24, 2017

Think For Yourself

I am writing a novel about the implosion of America. I've been working on it for some time now. My husband asked recently whether I would finish it before I die. I responded, "I hope I finish it before it happens!"

I call my book a cautionary tale. I caution readers that if we don't learn to work together for the good of our nation, we could lose it.

The Kjoller letter (Herald-Zeitung, 10-21-16) is a prime example of the kind of blinding hatred that could bring our freedom and our representative-democracy down. The writer repeats the most hateful things he has read and heard -- but gives no real facts to back up his statements.

If we are to keep our nation safe and free we cannot afford to listen to an angry person's diatribe and blindly follow his lead.

If we are to keep our nation safe and free we must research history ourselves--not right-wing, left-wing, sexist, racist, or fascist propaganda--to learn what has happened in the past. Only then can we help chart a better future for America. Then we must use our own good minds to make our choices.

I have lived through many presidencies and congresses. Some have worked to strengthen our nation; some have not. Look at what they have done... and look at the results of their actions. In addition to researching the true history of each candidate's ethics and honor, look at these key things:

Learn to recognize what is fact and what is hate. Using a public email server was legal when Hillary Clinton used it while Secretary of State. It was legal when Colin Powell used it while Secretary of State. It was legal when Condoleezza Rice used it while Secretary of State. Ask yourself, why is only one former Secretary of State being chastised for the same legal practice?.

For 40 years all presidential candidates have shared their IRS statements with voters. In this election Hillary Clinton has; Donald Trump has not.

Our Do-Nothing Congress has been taking taxpayers' money and stellar benefits, yet not tending to the nation's business. Senate Leader McConnell said "... to (the) National Journal: "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president." And House Leader John Boehner offered "...his plans for Obama's agenda: 'We're going to do kill it, stop it, slow it down, whatever we can.'"

Congress has not yet done the thing I believe would help America more than any other action -- it has not offered legislation to negate the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling which allows the wealthy of both parties to buy dishonest candidates' votes with massive amounts of "campaign donations."

The voter holds responsibility for choosing our next leaders. Only when voters weigh all pros and cons of candidates for the presidency and for both houses of Congress can they vote with intelligence.

If we are to keep our nation safe and free we must do our due diligence. We must vote for what we believe is best for America. This week I voted for experience and honor when I cast my vote for Hillary Clinton.

Jackie De Hon, Ph.D.