02/09/2011 10:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

"Blue Bloods": The Moustache Man Is Back

Tom Selleck has found the perfect vehicle to bring him back to prime-time television programming. In the new CBS series "Blue Bloods" he plays the patriarch of a New York City dynasty of police enforcers. It is a role he was born to play. Forget "Magnum PI," this is the series for which Selleck will be remembered.

Frank Reagan (Selleck) is the New York City Police Commissioner. He comes from a long line of policemen as his father Henry (Len Cariou) is retired from the force and his two sons Danny (Donny Wahlberg) and Jamie (Will Estes) are active members. His daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan) is a lawyer in the US Attorney's office.

Each week the viewer is involved in a crime or situation involving the police, but also each week the viewer learns something new about the personal lives of the members of this family. It is the personal aspect that makes the show one you do not want to miss.

Selleck is strong and mostly silent in his role as Frank. He speaks little but when he has something to say everyone listens. Each week the Reagan family gathers together at the home of widower Frank for the family meal. All members of the family including in-laws are expected to be present. At these meals, the discussions are lively and everyone has a chance to have their say. When Frank opens his mouth to speak it is usually a pronouncement of some kind and carries the most weight.

Selleck certainly looks the part of the dedicated father and commissioner. He is tall, rugged and matinee idol good looking with that trademark moustache still in place. His rapport with the other actors is enjoyable and makes the full family connection seem valid. Selleck is one of those larger than life stars who belongs in prime-time television. He never seemed comfortable on the big screen but on the little one he is a comfortable fit.

The supporting cast is excellent, with Donnie Wahlberg shining as the oldest son. He projects authority and competence in the role. Jennifer Esposito, brought in to play his partner, was icing on the cake. On the show Danny Reagan is happily married to Linda (Amy Carlson) and they have two sons. I wonder if the heat between Danny and his police partner will increase, as they certainly have good chemistry together.

"Blue Bloods" started out on Friday nights at 10 on CBS and was an immediate hit. Now the show has been moved to Wednesday nights at 10 for a trial run. Then it will go back to Friday nights. The reason they want to confuse people with all this bouncing around is beyond me. Find a slot and let it stay there. "Blue Bloods" will be a hit on any day and at any time.

To see Tom Selleck at his best in a show that is worthy of his talents tune into "Blue Bloods." This is a show that America has embraced and deservedly so.