Bond of Silence : A Solid Role For Kim Raver

08/16/2010 05:47 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The latest original movie on Lifetime is titled Bond of Silence. It is a murder mystery based on a true story. The fact it is true makes it even more interesting than it ordinarily would have been. Kim (Grey's Anatomy) Raver heads the cast and is the heart of the story. She and the rest of the talented cast do a solid job of bringing this sobering story to life.

Katy (Raver) and Bob (David Cubitt) McIntosh live in a resort city in the northeast. They are a totally devoted couple and are the parents of four year old twins, a boy and a girl. On New Year's Eve, 1997, they have a few couples into their home to celebrate the event. Across the street their neighbor's son is holding a raucous party for about two hundred teenagers.

When the party reaches a fever pitch Bob and two other men go across the street to ask the kids to hold it down. That is when tragedy occurs and Bob is found dead in an upstairs bedroom. Katy is devastated and lost because of this, but later begins questioning what exactly happened to her husband. The kids are not talking. They have created a "bond of silence."

Raver brings a variety of emotions to her character and sets up the pay-off of the ending. Greg Grunberg is tenacious and deliberate as Paul Jackson, the detective investigating the case. Charlie McDermott and Hayley Ramm are standouts as two teens who know more than they are saying.

The movie raises questions about the role of parents in the lives of their teenage children. In this film the kids all drink and party. Then when a problem arises the parents band together to protect the children. The issue is, do you stand by your children and protect them even when they are wrong?

There is also the issue of forgiveness. Katy McIntosh was so caught up in finding out what happened to her husband that she let anger be her sole emotion. Can anyone caught up in a situation such as this ever let go of the anger?

Bond of Silence is one of Lifetime's better original movies. It is believable because it is based on a true story, and also because Kim Raver's casting is so fortuitous. Raver is a good actress and this role is perfectly suited for her talents.

There are tragedies occurring in our country every day. Bond of Silence shines the spotlight on how one happened. If you watch the film as a family you might be able to use it as a good teaching tool to your kids.

"Bond of Silence" premieres on Lifetime, August 23 at 9PM (ET).