02/24/2012 09:07 am ET Updated Apr 25, 2012

Catch Me Is Lisa Gardner's Latest Thriller

Lisa Gardner is a writer who gets better and better with each new book. Her latest, Catch Me, is the best thriller she has written to date. It is full of twists and turns, but best of all it is filled with fascinating characters who come to life on her pages. If you have not been a reader of Gardner's fiction in the past, this is the time to jump in.

Catch Me has a premise that will hook you from the very start. Charlene (Charlie) Rosalind Carter Grant was the victim of child abuse by her mother. She managed to escape from her clutches and went to live with a loving aunt in New England. There she met and became good friends with two other girls. The trio were inseparable.

After they grew up, they drifted apart. One day Charlie learned one of her friends had been murdered on Jan. 21. A year later she learned her other friend had been murdered on Jan. 21 of that year. Charlie now believes that she will be murdered on Jan. 21 of the next year.

Following her plan to keep herself as safe as possible she moves to Boston and gets a job. She doesn't know anyone in Boston and she prays the anonymity will work for her protection. She does contact Boston Police Detective D.D. Warren and tells her the story of the two deaths. She wants D.D. to know as much as possible so that if Charlie is murdered this information might help D.D. capture her killer.

Warren is Gardner's main hero and most of her books have been focused around this character. At the start of this book we learn that D.D. has just had a baby and that she and her son are living a happy life with her partner Alex. This scene of domesticity has been a long time coming and if you want to know details of how it happened you need to go back and read the early D.D. Warren novels.

Gardner's easy flow of words and depth of characters were not always present in her novels. The early ones were good but not of the caliber of her later work. She has worked at making each book better and she has succeeded. She is on the top of the mountain as far as where her writing stands today.

If you are looking for a story that is full of suspense, rich enjoyable characters, and a writing style that keeps you informed and entertained, then you need to read Catch Me. This is a solidly enjoyable thriller that will keep you on the edge of your chair as you turn the pages and listen for any strange noises around you.

D.D. Warren is one of my favorite continuing characters. I can't wait for Gardner's next book to find out even more about her. She certainly gave me a wealth of information in Catch Me, but it only whetted my appetite for more.

Catch Me is published by Dutton. It contains 389 pages and sells for $26.95.