09/23/2014 09:17 pm ET Updated Nov 23, 2014

Charles Martin Scores Big With A Life Intercepted

Book Review Jackie K Cooper
A Life Intercepted by Charles Martin

Charles Martin. Mark that name down in your head as it is one you are going to hear more and more about in the literary world. Martin is the author of ten novels including his latest A Life Intercepted and with each book his talent is more pronounced. This latest book outsparks Nicholas and indicates Martin is the new king of the romantic novel.

Matthew Rising is the "star" of this new story and he is quite the hero. He has been a star athlete in both high school and college and on the eve of his signing with the NFL he becomes the victim of a smear campaign and is arrested and tried for sexual assault on a minor. Although he pleads innocent to the crime, he is found guilty and sentenced to a minimum of twelve years in prison.

As the book opens Rising is being released from prison after twelve years in confinement. Once free his only goal is to return to his hometown of Gardi, Georgia and try to find his wife. He and Audrey had been high school sweethearts and were one of the happiest couples possible. But his conviction of the crime and his imprisonment has torn them apart. She has not divorced him but she has disappeared from view.

As you can tell from this brief description this is a book full of drama and emotion. It is also a book that appeals to both men and women. Women will love the strong passions of the love story and men will enjoy the words about the art and heart of football. Martin uses his knowledge of the sport which he gained as a player in high school and college.

There is a pattern of integrity and decency in the characters Martin creates. They have principles to which they stay true regardless of the circumstances. This is especially true of Matthew Rising He has been betrayed by his enemies, his friends and his family. Those who should have believed in him through any circumstance faltered and bought the lies about him. Still he is not out for revenge but rather for understanding.

A Life Intercepted is a book that will swallow you up and keep you spellbound. These amazing characters will come alive through Martin's words. You will suffer their hurts and rejoice in their victories. When you have finished the story you will feel better about life and yourself for having read it.

A Life Intercepted is published by Center Street. It contains 336 pages and sells for $26.00.

Jackie K Cooper