08/16/2012 02:23 pm ET Updated Oct 16, 2012

Five Reasons to Watch Face Off Season 3

Most people need at least one good reason to watch a specific TV show. It might be the star of the show, the writer, the director, even the time slot. Well here are five good reasons to watch the third season of the Syfy Channel's reality show "Face Off."

1. THE JUDGES: On this show there are usually three judges and they are Ve Neill, Patrick Tatopoulos and Glenn Hetrick. Each of these people is a recognized outstanding talent in the field of make-up and each is outspoken with his/her criticism. These three people never hold back with their comments, be they praise or complaints. That alone makes them unique in the reality world judging arena. This year they are joined by another make-up expert Neville Page. It is hoped that he is just as frank and outspoken as the other three.

2. THE CONTESTANTS: There are twelve of them and they have been selected from a pool of applicants who have experience in the make-up arena. As the weeks go by the individual facets of their personalities are revealed. In each group there are always a few members who stand out from the start for their quirkiness, their drive or their egos. This year's group is no exception. Even in the first show of the season a couple of people stand out from the rest, and one in particular is a real terror.

3. THE HOST/MODERATOR: McKenzie Westmore is the host of the show and she is a good choice for the job. She is a member of the famed Westmore family which has been involved in the make-up world for years. Plus, she is beautiful and talented in her own right. McKenzie keeps the show moving while giving insight and perceptive comments to and about the contestants.

4. THE TALENT: Face Off is not a show about personalities. It is a show about talent. The contestants are given real challenges to deal with in creating make-up effects. Rarely is there someone in the group who has minimal talent, though there are exceptions to every rule. As the group is winnowed down week after week, the truly superb artists come to the fore. Seeing this happen makes for great television.

5. THE COMPETITION: All of the contestants are here to win. As the weeks go by the drive to win gets stronger and stronger as does the fear of being eliminated. You can't be passive and be on this show. If you don't have the drive then you are going to be one of the first to go. Talent and ego are also essential.

There you have it. These are the five reasons Face Off is now in its third season. Of all the reality/talent shows on television currently, this one is at the top of my list of must sees. I never miss an episode and I hope you don't either. I don't know the first thing about make-up but I know talent when I see it and this show is full of talented individuals who are fighting for a career in show business.

On Tuesday, August 21 at 9PM (EST) the games begin. Tune in to Face Off and enjoy the show for all the reasons stated above. You won't be disappointed.

Jackie K Cooper