10/11/2014 06:09 pm ET Updated Dec 11, 2014

Found Is a YA Novel Adults Will Also Enjoy

Harlan Coben's new novel Found is the latest chapter in his YA series of books featuring Mickey Bolitar. The characters in these books were spun off from the adult stories Coben wrote which featured a man named Myron Bolitar. Mickey is Myron's nephew and he is a very interesting young man with a collection of interesting friends. These include the nerdy but oh so wise Spoon, the beautiful and bright Rachel, and the mysterious and enchanting Ema.

With all the movies they are making from YA novels it is a conundrum as to why they have not focused on these books. Mickey is a fifteen year old sophomore in high school who loves to play basketball. His father is dead and his mother is a drug addict. This is why he lives with Myron, his father's brother. In the first story in this series he made the acquaintance of Spoon, Rachel and Ema. He s close to them all but Ema is his special friend. In the past it has been a purely platonic relationship but in this new story Mickey finds he is viewing her in a new light.

In the last story Mickey got an indication that his father may not be dead, which is why at the start of this book he and his Uncle Myron are having the body exhumed. Also going on is the fact Mickey feels he has angered Rachel. Plus Spoon is in the hospital and Ema appears distracted by things going on in her life. The only place that Mickey can find happiness is on the basketball court, but there are even problems there. The "team" has already been formed and they do not want some upstart Sophomore pushing his way in. Mickey, however, is so good at the game that one of them might be displaced.

His biggest adversary is Troy Taylor, a senior and one of the co-captains of the team. He also was Rachel's boyfriend until she and Mickey became friendly. Troy makes no secret of his dislike for Mickey and with his father being chief of police he can possibly make Mickey's life even more miserable.

There are a lot of other things going on in this new book but to reveal them would be giving away too much. Suffice it to say Coben's fans of this series will have more than enough story to keep them enthralled.

Harlan Coben is one of those rare authors who can write for an adult audience and find success and then turn around and write for a young adult audience and find success there too. These YA novels are not written down to his proposed audience but rather keep the language and subject matter appropriate. Adults can read these stories and totally appreciate their content.

Found is a tense and tight story that never lets down in interest or suspense. Readers can devour it in a few hours and rest satisfied with the outcome. The only question will be - when will we get the next installment and let's hope Coben makes it soon.

Found is published by Putnam. It contains 326 pages and sells for $18.99.