11/30/2013 05:46 pm ET Updated Jan 30, 2014

GONE Is Good

The stories concerning New York City Detective Michael Bennett are among the most popular James Patterson has written. Now with number six in the series, GONE, Patterson and his co-writer Michael Ledwidge have continued the enjoyment and the thrills. In fact this might be one of the most violent books in the series but it also has other chills and enjoyments included.

Manuel Perrine is one of the most wanted people in the United States. He has been captured once by Detective Bennett but due to no fault of Bennett's he managed to escape. At the time he vowed to take revenge on Bennett's family and this has caused Bennett's entire family -- children, grandfather and nanny -- to be taken to Susanville, a secluded part of California.

Bennett's wife is dead and he has ten adopted children to raise. He is helped by his grandfather Seamus and especially by the nanny he has found for them. Her name is Mary Catherine and she is perfect as the one to keep his brood in line. There have been some romantic sparks between Bennett and Mary Catherine in the past but things have cooled off some.

Now with Perrine on the loose and wreaking havoc in the States once again Bennett is desperate to keep his family safe. He is so concerned with their safety that he almost refuses when the FBI comes calling and asks for his help. The fact it is Perrine and this being one of the ways his family can finally regain their normal lives makes him decide to join the hunt.

In this story no one is safe. People are dispatched to their eternal reward with fervor. So don't get too attached to any of these characters because they may be gone before the book ends. Perrine is a monster and he displays his most vicious tendencies time after time.

Patterson once again keeps his chapters short and sweet and this brevity seems to propel the story forward. There is always time for just one more chapter so the reader flies along until the book is completed. It is over and you are ready for the next edition of the Michael Bennett saga`

GONE is published by Little Brown and Company. It contains 416 pages and sells for $28.00.