07/02/2012 10:59 am ET Updated Sep 01, 2012

Spring Fever Is Totally Enjoyable Reading

There is so much reading enjoyment awaiting you in the pages of Mary Kay Andrews' Spring Fever. This book is so delightful. The words fly off the pages at the speed of sound and lodge in your heart while tickling your funny bone. Mary Kay is one of the best at creating dynamic characters who emerge full blown and stay with you as friends long after the pages of the book have been closed. Mark Spring Fever down as a must read this summer.

Spring Fever tells the story of Annajane Hudgens, a woman who has spent her entire life in the town of Passcoe, North Carolina. She has always been connected to the Bayless family through her "best friendship" with Pokey Bayless and her love for Pokey's brother Mason. The Bayless family members are the most influential people in the town through their ownership of Quixie Soda, the business that is the financial backbone of Passcoe.

As the story starts Annajane is attending Mason's wedding to the beautiful and perfect Celia. Annajane and Mason had been married but are now divorced and they both have moved on. Mason is getting married and Annajane is engaged. Within the first few pages we learn Annajane still has feelings for her ex-husband. But what is she going to do about Celia? Pokey says they have to do something.

Spring Fever is such a delight I hesitate to give more than a few sentences about the plot. Each page reveals more information and depth of the characters and that makes them more and more richly rewarding. Annajane emerges as a character we easily love while Celia is one we come to dislike intensely. Then there is Mason, the man in the middle; whether he becomes someone the readers can like is one of the secrets of the story.

Mary Kay Andrews has proven with each of her prior novels that she is an author who knows how to weave a wonderful tale and hold readers enthralled in the process. Her last novel Summer Rental was one of the most read books of last summer and Spring Fever should match or exceed its success.

If you are making a list of "must read" books this one should be at the top of your list. It has romance, comedy and drama as well as a surprise here and there. Mary Kay Andrews is a people pleaser as an author and this is one of her very best efforts.

Spring Fever is published by St. Martin's Press. It contains 416 pages and sells for $25.99.

Jackie K Cooper