08/12/2010 09:04 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"Weeds": The Gang Is on the Lam

SHOWTIME's hit series "Weeds" returns for its sixth season. This year Nancy (Mary Louise Parker) is on the lam following an unfortunate murder. This means that the character of Celia, played so beautifully by Elizabeth Perkins, gets left behind and is out of the storyline. Not to worry, the rest of the gang that includes Justin Kirk, Hunter Parrish, Kevin Nealon and Alexander Gould are all still in the picture.

Nancy loads up the van and makes her getaway taking along her sons Silas (Parrish) and Shane (Gould). She also convinces her brother in law Andy (Kirk) to change his scenery. It is unclear how her business partner Doug (Nealon) will fit into the series, but he will be seen.

The series success basically lies on the shoulders of Parker. It is her character who is the glue to all the events and mishaps that occur. Where she goes her family goes and her troubles are their troubles and vice versa. She has her hands full this year with Shane having committed murder. It is unclear how this will affect him.

The rest of the cast is solid with Kirk having involved to one of the key players. He and Nancy have an odd relationship but the two actors make it work and even make the audience understand it -- a bit.

Perkins will be missed. Her character of Celia was quirky and a little crazy so she added spice to the show. When you had her and Parker on screen together it was a talent fest. Now Parker is the only lead female in the show so she will have to work double time to be charming and funny.

Any show that reaches its sixth season has to have something special going for it and "Weeds" does. Tune in to SHOWTIME on August 16 at 10PM (ET) to continue the magic or to get introduced to what is special about "Weeds."

Jackie K. Cooper