12/09/2014 05:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Small Business Entrepreneur's Naughty and Nice List for Business Growth


In the spirit of the holidays, we're making out our list, checking it twice, and finding out what is naughty and nice when it comes to growing your business. Our "naughty" list consists of a few things that hamper or stall business growth, where as our "nice" list contains ideas and concepts that encourage business growth. Are you ready to find out which list your business is on?

The Small Business Entrepreneur's Naughty List

It's a rare business owner that doesn't want to grow their business in some fashion. Unfortunately, most small business owners are so busy working "in" their business that it's difficult to identify indicators of diminished growth...until the lack of growth creates a major pain point in the business. Here are just a few items destined to create mischief in your business growth plans:

The Small Business Entrepreneur's Nice List

There's a cost each entrepreneur pays for doing business in today's marketplace. There is an emotional, physical, financial, and spiritually price paid for the success you achieve. To maximize the return on your valuable investment of time, money, and energy, make sure these items appear on your "nice" list:

The Gift That Keeps Giving

What does every entrepreneur want to find under his or her Christmas tree more than anything else? Without exception, small business entrepreneurs want to open the gift of business growth that lasts through good times and bad. Rest assured! Business growth materializes when your "nice" list is longer than your "naughty"!

Our wish for you this holiday season? Increasingly greater amounts of "nice" in the upcoming year!

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