12/14/2012 04:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 99 Percent to the 100 Percent, What Is Unify?

Humanity has diversified into countless ethnic, cultural, personal and community expressions across the planet over the past centuries. Each of us hold pride for our beliefs, our convictions, our nation, our religion, it is what defines us and becomes our identity. Just as a cell dividing into two is at the source of the living organism that we are, separation is a fundamental part of our existence and often dominates the conversation. Unity is just as fundamental to who we are and does not need to be in opposition to our separateness in order to be embraced. A healthy life is a life that is in balance, and the scales have been a bit tipped on the side of our separateness historically. It is time to take a moment, breathe, put aside our differences and open our eyes to what we share in common despite our differences. This is Unify.


What do we all share? Despite our cultural, religious, and national differences, we share the air, the water, and the earth in common. These are some pretty big commonalities that everyone shares and if we destroy these things in our pursuit to differentiate ourselves, we will end up in big trouble. This is not a prophecy, it is common sense and it is shared through every indigenous culture in the world. In the race to assert our differences or our dominance, it has been forgotten.

Forgotten, our connection to the land. Forgotten, our connection to where our food comes from. Forgotten, our connection to past generations. Forgotten, our responsibility to future generations. Forgotten, who we really are and what life is really about. We are not here to make a killing, we are here to make a living, to let life flourish, to encourage and nurture the highest expression of what is possible with respect to our differences as well as our commonalities. It is time for this "Forgotten Chapter" of human history to come to a close and for us to remember who we are before it is too late.

To open up means that we must look at what has made us close off. Unity, like peace, can not be enforced from the outside, it must be chosen from within each of us. Nobody can do it for you, but the invitation has been offered. Unify, for a brief moment, reconnect with the source of life that flows through all things.

In family systems theory, we learn that there is a "pecking order" and the smallest, least able to defend themselves often receives the brunt of violence, abuse, exploitation. We see it with our youth, we see it with women, we see it with indigenous communities struggling to defend their land from the greedy poaching of resources. It expresses itself in bullying, poverty, violence, school shootings, rape, suicide, and ultimately war. Where are the real leaders and do they have the courage to accept that their shortcomings are reflected in the discord of societies across the planet?

Religious leaders have a responsibility beyond being at the top of their organization. Political leaders have a responsibility beyond speaking words that their constituents want to hear. In our era of forgetfulness, true honor and integrity has been forgotten. A real leader leads by example, and their example becomes the fruits of their labor. Conversely, the discord on the planet and the wars are the fruits of our leaders labor. This is not a call to topple these systems with violence, this is a moment where we acknowledge what has been forgotten and step up to make it right. We have an enormous capacity for understanding and compassion and it is time to use it. While governments struggle to be transparent, the world is waking up to what is apparent...

Can we argue with respect and battle with dignity? There are stories of knights who would recite poetry before a fight to the death. This form of battle was a battle of honor, to believe something with such passion that you would be willing to die or kill for it, to look in the eye of your enemy without fear. Today, we have people flying drones remotely, like a video game that drops bombs on real people and we call that heroic? It is cowardice, not for the soldier following commands but for the one at the top calling those orders. Freedom is honorable when you respect the freedom of another to live with dignity as much as you are willing to fight for your own.

At the end of an era we can see the absolute worst of what humans are capable of. The only remedy is to turn the page and show each other the absolute best that we can be as one species sharing one planet despite the differences that may define us.

On December 21, 2012 for a brief moment join us to make the leap from the 99 percent to the 100 percent. It is really quite simple to do, you don't have to give up what you love and what you are passionate about and it doesn't cost a dime. Take a moment and join hundreds of thousands everywhere who will be doing the same. All in our own language, from within our own culture and beliefs, sit and be silent. Close our eyes and meditate, pray, contemplate our shared humanity, Unify.

Learn more about what is planned for that day and see many of the organizations behind this movement, here., Birth 2012, The Shift Network, World Unity 2012, and many others are conspiring to help us all make something beautiful and memorable beyond belief, the only missing piece is YOU!

What will the future look like when our commonalities are accepted and balanced with our differences, when cooperation is valued as much as competition? We have been given the greatest gift, we have been given life itself and a place to cultivate it for the betterment of all. Don't think it's possible? Well our ancestors would have never believed that the world we inhabit with internet, trips to the moon and cell phones would have been possible. Wake from the "Forgotten Chapter," that is the only way we will ever know what is truly possible.

unanimous from Unify Media on Vimeo.