10/12/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

On Russia Palin Passes Neocon 101

Sarah Palin is a fast learner. Her interview with Charlie Gibson was further evidence that she has soaked up the neocon view of the world -- if you can't find an enemy, then create one. Russia's response to Georgia's declaration of war -- it was Georgia, after all, that started the conflict -- has been a blessing for the neocons, as it allows them to fight the cold war all over again.

Americans have been warned. If John McCain and Sarah Palin are elected, they will make the Bush administration look like a dress rehearsal for what's coming. McCain and Palin aren't as bad as Bush. They're worse. By treating Russia like an enemy, they will turn it into one. An American attack on Iran, which McCain is thirsting for, could lead to a wider conflict with Russia that has incalculable consequences.

In my book, They Knew They Were Right: the Rise of the Neocons, I sought to show how the neocons surrounded Dan Quayle, with William Kristol becoming his main tutor. Now both McCain and Palin are being closely advised by neocons. Far from being chastened by the Iraq debacle, the neocons are now poised for their moment of greatest influence, and Palin has made it abundantly clear where they and she are headed. Palin's comments aren't a warning. They're a threat.