05/08/2015 08:39 am ET Updated May 08, 2016

#TheFuturein5 Episode 35: Inside the Offices of LinkedIn!

This is a very special episode of The Future in Five where I take a look inside the offices of LinkedIn. I was quite surprised when I found that it was not a wide open space like most people would think. In fact, they have pod-like work locations that can be modified with couches and bean bags by employees as you'll see in the tour. I also had a chance to speak with Pat Wadors, Chief Human Resources Officer at LinkedIn, whom I did a recent podcast with. Pat shared some very interesting insights with me as to why they chose this office style, which allows flexibility for a group of like-minded people solving like-minded problems to come together. Stating that everyone loves choice, she believes it's their job to provide a choice of where you're working. Pat talked a little bit about the science around how we communicate with one another, stating that if you're thinking about a best place to work, creating high energy and high creativity; you want humans to see each other. Yet, they also accounted for sound and privacy. We also got a chance to talk a little about Millennials who make up 70% of LinkedIn's workforce, and her insights on corporate culture. We concluded with Pat giving us a peak into her day, what she's passionate about, and the amazing places she sees LinkedIn going. We end this episode with a tour of the LinkedIn offices. So tune in and enjoy the tour. As always, don't forget to share your thoughts with me!

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