12/21/2011 07:55 pm ET Updated Feb 19, 2012

11 Best Architecture Moments of 2011

I'm pleased to say that 2011 was an exciting entry into a new decade of architecture, especially given the prologue put forward by the close of the prior decade. There's undoubtedly continued heartache for all constituents of the construction industry, as the debt crisis continues to sprawl, such that the contagion almost feels more severe in the past four months than the past four years. However, concurrently, we're seeing technology at large, in particular, information technology and sustainability practices, pierce the visual veil so deliberately and directly, not just as a tool to facilitate documentation or fabrication, but rather as a philosophy that is addressing conceptual design strategies at their core. Essentially, the output is a new standard whereas architecture is more seamlessly engaging with its patrons, its site, its environment, and often a combination of these elements.

Assembling this short-list of projects was an arduous assignment, but hopefully readers will enjoy the 11 most meaningful architecture moments of 2011.

11 Best Architecture Moments of 2011