11/10/2011 03:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Culture and Science Return to Utah: $103MM Natural History Museum Re-Opening on November 18, 2011

In just over a week, the Natural History Museum of Utah will re-open to the public along the Wasatch Range, a the 17-acre site at the edge of the City and the University of Utah campus, viewing out towards the Great Salt Lake, the Oquirrhs mountain range, Kennecott copper mines, Mount Olympus and Salt Lake City.

The architecture is deliberately poised at the threshold of culture and nature, putting forth a procession of spaces that encourage visitors to wrestle with a sense of investigation, as well as awareness of place. The building houses advanced research facilities, supporting both undergraduate and graduate education at the University of Utah.

Todd Schliemann of Ennead Unwraps $103MM Natural History Museum of Utah from Designer Pages on Vimeo.

Design Architect, Todd Schliemann FAIA of Ennead, explains, "My hope is that the architecture of the Natural History Museum of Utah will do for Salt Lake City and the region what the Sydney Opera House did for Australia - become a definitive icon, inseparable from its place and its memory. "

While the building has not yet opened, I'm happy to share the video teaser above.


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