02/09/2008 02:45 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dolores Huerta: Voting System Needs Change

This video is published on Why Tuesday? as well as OffTheBus.

On Super Tuesday, civil rights leader Dolores Huerta called for change in our voting system. In 1962, with César Chávez, she co-founded the group that became the United Farm Workers. Huerta is today one of the most recognized labor leaders in the United States.

In the video Huerta tells me she questions the caucus system, speaks about the role of money in elections, and calls for a National Holiday on Election Day.

Huerta is a Hillary Clinton supporter and we caught up with her at the Clinton East Los Angeles field office. Her prescription for our voting system is generally in line with Senator Clinton's, who responded to the Why Tuesday? Candidate Challenge, as did Senator Barack Obama.

On the Republican side, remaining candidates Senator John McCain, Congressman Ron Paul, and Governor Mike Huckabee have all responded to the challenge as well. For their feelings about our voting system, click here.

Huerta is also on the advisory board of Voter Action, an organization run by a Why Tuesday? Advisory Board member, John Bonifaz.

Why Tuesday? is an effort to make America's democracy stronger through increased voter participation; we work to make election reform an issue that our politicians cannot afford to avoid. Read more campaign coverage from OffTheBus by clicking here.