11/22/2012 10:34 am ET Updated Jan 22, 2013

In Sandy's Wake, Thanksgiving Goes On

It has been nearly a month since Hurricane Sandy disrupted the lives of millions across the eastern seaboard. While power has mostly returned, life is far from normal for residents in areas hardest hit by the storm. Island Park, New York resident Aileen Arroyo described what the experience has been like for her family and what is in store for her and others as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.

"To me my Thanksgiving is that I have my family intact," Arroyo said.

The question of whether or not to rebuild is one many homeowners, including Arroyo, are grappling with. HuffPost reported in Sandy's wake on the dangers of developments in low-lying costal areas.

"We don't want to live anywhere else. We like it there. We love our neighbors. We participate in community activities. We're near our family and our friends. And you just can't jump the boat every time you have an inconvenience in life."

Also joining on HuffPost Live to discuss the ongoing recovery efforts were Peabody Award-winning filmmaker and journalist Darren Foster, and Patch Senior Regional Editors David Reich-Hale and Fred Tuccillo.

"I've covered my share of conflicts and disasters and it was really surreal to be on the other side of it," said Foster. "To see the place and the town you grew up in turned inside out. I just remember driving in and seeing boats comically displayed on the roadways and at the train station."