02/24/2012 01:14 am ET Updated Apr 23, 2012

Why Not Honeymoon In Africa?

In a recent discussion with a family friend who got engaged over the holidays, the topic of honeymoons arose. She mentioned that her honeymoon, aside from walking down the aisle, was one thing she was truly looking forward to. As far as locations, she was contemplating Italy or Thailand. Very different locations, but both within her budget. After asking her if she'd consider honeymooning in Africa, I was shocked to hear her response. She quickly dismissed the idea, claiming that it would be too much of a hassle and well beyond her budget. Simply put, she just wasn't interested in the idea of traveling to Africa.

Upon some reflection, I must confess that her response was genuine and not really out of the ordinary. After all, most couples envision honeymooning in places they have either been told about or have been exposed to in some type of medium, whether it be print, television, or radio. This is precisely one of the reasons I consistently make an effort through the "Pearls of Africa" feature in my publication to highlight amazing honeymoon destinations in Africa. I believe the promotion of African tourism to the American bridal market is not only beneficial for those brides that may not have otherwise considered what the continent has to offer, but it also aids in changing the perception of Africa. It's because of responses like my friend's that I've curated a list of the most awe-inspiring locations in Africa, and some nifty resources that make travel to Africa seamless and hassle-free. In this post, I've listed my top 5. Allow me to help you think outside of the box...

Honeymoons in Africa

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