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Dear Jessica Biel: Here's The Thing

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Dear Jessica:

I recently read that you were opening a new restaurant -- congrats on that. It sounds pretty awesome, I must say. However, I was disturbed to learn it will be an exclusive, members-only deal so that children of the elite don't have to -- guessing here -- be exposed to the little people.

Here's the thing, Jessica: the world really doesn't need another benefit for the elite. I mean, after all, you and your sexy husband could afford to hermetically seal off an entire hotel for a weekend and fill it with those awesome rainbow balls from the ball pit and invite Duff Goldman over to create a tiny personalized cake for your kid and each of the richie kids invited. I mean, you could probably do that every weekend if you wanted so that your kid and the other children of privilege never have to come into contact with public germs (shudder) or be exposed to things like fast food chicken nuggets that may or may not be made out of that pink slime.

But just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do something. (My own mama taught me that and I still live by it today. And she didn't even get me a sealed hotel ball pit.)

So, Jessica, instead of a restaurant to benefit those who already have access to food, why not open a community restaurant in an impoverished area like Appalachia? Or fund the food bank in Clay, West Virginia, where many of the kids don't even have food on the weekend when they are out of school and over 83,000 children in the state are "food insecure," or don't have enough food to eat on a regular basis?

Or, how about building a shelter or creating an after-school program for kids in need where children of the elite can volunteer and understand what is really happening in our country outside of the bubble that is your world? Children of the elite will benefit from this more than from an afternoon at a members-only restaurant eating organic watermelon from an artsy stick for $27.95. (Trust me on this.)

What I'm saying is that we don't really need another members-only club that only a very small percentage of the world can enjoy. Instead, we need people like you -- people who obviously have a heart for kids with the resources to make a change -- to step up and start making a change in communities that really need it. Don't you think that would be a better investment?


Jacqueline Wilson, Mom to a Common Child and Feeder of the Hungry, #Holidays4Hunger

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