01/22/2015 11:26 am ET Updated Mar 24, 2015

How to Ride the Wave of Action

Reniw-Imagery via Getty Images

It might be winter in North America however, there is a universal vortex of energy now available for you and it's all about action. In order to not let this rip-curl of energy pass you by, you need to get off the beach and start paddling out into the water This tsunami of energy is available to everyone who is ready to ride the proverbial wave.

If you are sensitive to energy and aware of what is going on around you, then you've probably felt the intense energy of expansion already this year. Although the holidays recently passed, expansion relates to more than our waistline, it ushers in new ideas, creativity, energy, focus, mindset, people and opportunities. I have a question for you, have you been fully utilizing this expansive energy and taking action? If not, that's ok, you have this week to refocus and start taking action! This coming week is essential for you to make new connections, expand your product line, create more videos, write, and tap into your creativity. The energy of action is available to you; the question is, are you ready to take advantage of it?

Riding The Wave Of Action

How to best prepare for the wave:
1) Carve out time daily to contemplate what you truly desire.
2) Decide on two specific things you desire to accomplish this week. Examples are: write a new blog, shoot and edit a new video, book a speaking engagement, find a new client, write a chapter in your book, etc.
3) Create a list of three things to do (daily) that will move you closer toward what you desire to accomplish this week.
4) Work in power segments, which are uninterrupted, segments of time ranging from 15-90 minutes. Uninterrupted means phone turned off, nothing on your desk except for what pertains to your project at hand and a do not disturb sign posted on your door.
5) Timing is key to a long, enjoyable ride. Catch a wave too soon or too late can cut a long, fun ride...short.

Timing relates to two specific aspects of taking action; the two are: when and what type.

When To Act

Regarding when to take action, that is relatively simple. The key is to take action the second you feel inspired. When you feel inspired, no matter where you are, what you are doing or what time it is, act on your inspiration.

How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night with a great idea only to say to yourself, I'll remember this in the morning...morning comes and you don't remember? This week is especially important to take action and get out of bed and write down your inspired thoughts/ideas/dreams etc.

Exercising, washing dishes, showering, driving, brushing your teeth are all opportune times for inspired thoughts to come to you. The key is to have a system to capture your inspired thoughts in the moment or else you won't remember them.

Inspiration is fleeting and leaves as quickly as it comes. I do what I recommend to my clients; have index cards (4x6 inches works well) and a pen with you at all times and jot down your ideas. I'm never far from an index card as they are on my bedside table, in the car, in my coat pocket, and on my desk.

Another way to capture ideas is to record them using a voice memo or note pad app on your phone. After recorded you can email the file to yourself and add the email to a folder titled, "inspired ideas" so you can refer to it later.

Acting in the present moment answers the question when to act, now let's explore what to act on.

What To Act On?

It's well documented every person has between 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts per day, so how do you choose which to act on? Well, you already know what it feels like to force something, trying to fit the proverbial round peg in a square hole. Action that is forced doesn't feel right and typically doesn't yield results. Forcing is preceded by thoughts such as, "'I need to' 'I should' 'I've got to do something'' and the like. The inspired way is another way to accomplish things in life and it's way easier than using or applying force.

Inspiration Over Perspiration

To get in the flow of inspired thoughts or ideas all you have to do is acknowledge them when they come. When you acknowledge them (writing them down or saying them out loud) the more will come. Let me explain... ever have a conversation with someone and in the middle of it they tune you out? You can feel it instantly when their mind drifts to thoughts of something other than what you are saying. When this happens you probably say something like, OK you're busy I'll talk to you later.

After all, why keep talking with someone after they tune you out? The universe is similar; they plunk inspired thoughts in to those who LISTEN not to those who are tuned out. Acting on inspired thoughts is the quickest path to living a fulfilling, prosperous, abundant and joyful life. Suffice it to say, acting on inspired ideas makes life...easier. Who could use a little easier life...please raise your hand. OK, got it.

Now, pay close attention to what I share next, this is the key to action.

Internal dialogue is key

Become aware of internal dialogue and feelings preceding thought to know for certain when to take action. Inspired thoughts simply drop in automatically and can feel random or fleeting. Whereas other thoughts, conscious or otherwise preceded by feelings of anxiousness, nervousness or fear, when acted upon may yield little or no results. In other words, stop wasting time chasing, pushing, and forcing action. Rather, allow yourself to take action when you feel inspired.

There you have it... taking inspired action, the moment it comes through is essential to get the most out of this energy available to you right now.