Decemland is the land of ten percent. Decemland consists of the New International Territory (NIT) and ten overseas territories I call "Islands of Peace". NIT is a one thousand square kilometer sovereign territory on mainland Africa that will host the new institutions of the new architecture of capitalism.

I explained what the new architecture of capitalism was all about to Nouriel Roubini during a 75 minute conversation last 14 May 2009 in New York City. Nouriel mentioned several times that the ideas presented in my forthcoming book were overly ambitious. He may be right. But if we are not the dreamers of today, we will never reach Decemland, the land of ten percent.

The four pillars of capitalism were defined in a previous article. They are dream, love, cornucopia and eutopia. Decemland embraces the best thinking of the social sciences. Decemland becomes the core of the new architecture, where the new institutions will be based: The Yunus-fund, the Decemfund, the Bank for the Poor, the New Institution and the World Fair Trade Organization. Decemland welcomes the reformed Bretton Woods Institutions, that should sooner rather than later leave the political centers of our time that bias their policymaking process. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations should leave Washington DC and New York City. The World Trade Organization should leave Geneva. They should relocate to where they always belonged, to Decemland, the land of ten percent.

We must dream and love. I welcome all dreamers to the journey of our lifetime. I said and will always say why not. I dared and will always dare, therefore I am. It is time to become men and women of stature and believe a better world can materialize. It is time to write the page one of the History of Tomorrow. It is time to look ahead instead of look behind. It is time to leave the fears of the baby boomers behind and embrace the developing world once and for all.

Decemland is no longer a utopia in my dreams. Decemland can materialize in 2010 if we dream awake, if we explore ideas that remained forgotten by the orthodox thinkers of our time, that live a life in black and white, that forgot to incorporate the love and the dream to their models, that undermined the ability of dreamers to persuade, convince and lead a new architecture that reforms first in the industrialized world before imposing our failed consensuses to countries that can barely breathe.

I get along well with the political and economic leaders of the developing world because I share their concerns. I am ashamed and as a result I react and propose reform, change, and forward-looking thinking with creativity and innovation. I am not afraid because I never had a reputation to lose. I am here to defend the interest of those that live in the developing world, of those that we decided to forsake for decades. It is time sleeping beauty, it is time to wake up and acknowledge the harm of our economic policies. We will never come together with the developing world if we perpetuate the existence of the current economic order.

I dreamt of a better world, I dreamt of a world of cornucopia and eutopia. I shall never stop this journey, the journey of our lifetime. Welcome dreamers, welcome to the new era that begins in 2010. It is time for the best team of expert dreamers to start building a new world, to start building the architecture of a redefined capitalism. It is time to defeat the pirates of heartless capitalism and write, once and for all, the History of Tomorrow.

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