10/04/2009 11:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Excremental Change

Many academics comment that the right approach to development is incremental change or incremental improvement. What kind of incremental change are we talking about? Why didn't the United States apply incremental change in Europe in the aftermath of World War II?

I am afraid that incremental change works for ordinary times. We are living extraordinary times. We need Excremental Change. Excremental Change involves cleaning first the loopholes of the system and expelling all the dirt that is inside. Ask the Pirates of Heartless Capitalism where they hide and you will find the dirt. They know where it is. We know where it is. We just do not see it. It is like dirt hiding underneath the carpet.

There is a lot of dirt, here in Europe and in the United States of America. There is much to reform, here in Europe and in the United States of America, in the areas that make up the Axis of Feeble: agriculture, trade and labor rights, small arms trade, the extractive and mining industries, the financial architecture and the brain drain.

We label our priorities the way it is convenient for our industrial and military complex. Susan Rice, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations claims it is time for Iran to join the international consensus on nuclear weapons. Perhaps she forgot to remind her own Administration that it is time that the United States joins once and for all the international consensus on the trade of illicit small arms that kill millions, one person at a time.

Incremental Change beats Excremental Change 250,000 to 151 in Google. For years we have focused our efforts on incremental change based on an economic theory that is behind the collapse of today's capitalism, based on an economic architecture that prioritized the free trade over the fair trade, that emphasized short-term over long-term investment, that forsook two of the three dimensions of a new, loving capitalism, that could emerge during a unique Window of Opportunity that starts on the Decem Date.

It is time. It is time to say to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the way to solve Iran's nuclear proliferation is not by fostering another arms race in the region. It is time to prioritize the real interests of the developing world that lives a food and health crisis, not a nuclear crisis. The nuclear crisis is confined to the Middle East and North Korea. What about the rest of the developing world? Why do we perpetuate the restriction to the nuclear jargon in a foreign agenda that does not prioritize the global interests?

We need excremental change. Perhaps Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton do not know where the dirt is. Perhaps Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton do not know where the pirates hide. We are all part of the Axis of Feeble. We live in societies that for decades have prioritized interests that passed away with the fall of the Berlin wall. We no longer live in the world the baby boomers think we live in.

It is time to retire baby boomers. It is time to leave and let the dreamers of today build a better society. It is time to leave the fears of the past behind. It is time to displace the elites that are not willing to defend the interest of a majority, not of a minority.

I know where the dirt is and I am ready to point my finger to the pirates of heartless capitalism, who hide in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands, who work for private banks and hedge funds, who are strongly supported by certain lobbies and think-tanks.

We live a world that stinks. It is time to clean the dirt in the system. It is time to embrace excremental change and clean the dirt in the pipes, once and for all, pipes that have not been cleaned since the 1940s.

I embrace excremental change. Excremental change, the kind of change you can believe in.

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