The Four Pillars of the New Architecture

The new architecture of capitalism is based upon four pillars. The four pillars are dream, love, cornucopia and eutopia. We must dream and love to reach the world of cornucopia and eutopia. Those that do not dream, those who do not love will lag behind and become dwellers of the prison of thought, and become dwellers of the cage of the orthodox.

We must dream. If we do not dream awake, a better world will never materialize. Only if we dream will we be able to defeat the pirates of heartless capitalism, that strongly argue in favor of returning to the old Washington Consensus, that prioritize the market above human dignity, global justice and environmental sustainability.

We must love. If we do not love, we will continue to ignore those among us that live in extreme poverty. If we do not love, we will perpetuate an income and inequality gap, we will continue to allocate wealth disproportionately, we will not share the rewards of globalization in a fairer way.

Dream and love will channel our best efforts and thinking to the proposal of solutions to the great evils of our time. Dream and love will prepare an environment in which a new paradigm can take off. Dream and love will conquer the hearts and minds of the dwellers of this world, a majority of whom believe that poverty will be eternal. Dream and love will set the path to start the journey of our lifetime that will take us to the world of cornucopia and eutopia.

The World of 2050 is a world of cornucopia and eutopia. Cornucopia is global food abundance. Eutopia is the delivery of global public goods, the delivery of a universal welfare state that reaches the extreme poor. We have to invest today to realize the returns of our investment in the next forty years. We must start the Glorious Forty that will take us to the World of 2050.

The four pillars of a new architecture will help the global society write the History of Tomorrow. The journey that starts in 2010 will take us to the land of ten percent, a new sovereign territory called Decemland, where the new institutions emerging in the new paradigm will be based. Decemland is no longer a reality in my brain or my heart. Decemland is a possibility if we embrace the four pillars of the new architecture of capitalism.

Only if we invest in the developing world shall we obtain long-term, sustainable returns. We must start the journey of our lifetime. We will create the Decemfund, which becomes the poor's endowment, able to finance the universal welfare state from 2010 to 2050. Welcome to the new era of global public goods, welcome to the era of global redistribution in which we say why not instead of why.

I embrace the four new pillars of the new architecture. I dream and love, therefore I am. Only a world of cornucopia and eutopia will prevail. Only a world of cornucopia and eutopia will guarantee that our children and grandchildren have the opportunities we inherited in the West from our parents and grandparents. It is time to leave the fears of the baby boomers behind. It is time to look ahead and imagine a better future. It is time to get to work.

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