10/09/2012 03:30 am ET Updated Dec 08, 2012

'The Voice' Recap: The Steal Is In Full Force

"The Voice" changed things up this week -- thank God -- by introducing "The Steal," a new feature.

During the Battle Rounds, the contestant the coadge does not choose is up for grabs and throughout this round of competition, each coadge can steal two artists. Carson Daly has yet to fully explain how this feature works, so there are still some questions lingering.

Find out who was picked, who got stolen and who went home on tonight's installment of the NBC reality show.

Terry McDermott Vs. Casey Muessignmann
Team Blake
"Cry On Wayward Son," Kansas

After Blake's co-counselor Michael Buble indulges in some deprecating -- "A million bucks say they don't know me" -- the Scottish rocker and wrestler-turned-country-crooner meet with Booble and Blake. Booble is wrong and Terry is thrilled to meet him.

‪Chelsey‬: "I feel like I should hate Buble but I f-ing love him"

Blake tells them what they'll be singing and then, the coadge slyly tells the camera that there are some notes in there that will be so difficult to hold so it's an effort to test skills and "weed one of 'em out," Blake says.

After practice, in which Casey took notes quite well, Booble notes that he sees Mr. Muessignmann's confidence. Casey kicks the confidence up a notch to cocky by responding, "I think I can win this whole thing ... I'm a fighter."

‪Chelsey‬: "Stop saying 'fighter,' Casey. You're not on Team X-tina."
‪Jaimie‬: "He missed that memo. He should have said, 'I'm a honey bee.'"

When it comes time for Blake and Booble to sit down with Terry, Booble not-so-subtly wants to know why the f--- Terry is still pursuing a music career. "You're either crazy or driven," he says.

Seemingly, it's the latter, but time will tell. They're both pretty determined to whatever they have to do to move on to the Knockout Round as they take the stage in some respectively stereotypic ensembles.

‪Chelsey‬: "Terry's marf is like the worst marf."
‪Jaimie‬: "It is. His son is so cute though. It's making up for a lot."
‪Chelsey: "‬Accurate."

Terry and Casey cordially shake hands after they step into the ring, but once the music starts, there's nothing cordial about this performance.

When they're finished, the other coadges weigh in: Christina says they both "brought it"; Cee Lo notes that the song was more in Terry's wheelhouse and he liked to watch his "uber rock cool," but he thinks Casey did a great job too; and Adam calls the performance "cool" and says he's very impressed by both of them.

‪Jaimie‬: "Cee Lo looks kind of ... normal?"
Chelsey: "Yeah. What? This is the first time I haven't been afraid to look at him without shades."
‪Jaimie‬: "The hat hides the forehead/eyebrows."
Chelsey: "Yeah, his eyes don't look as scarily deep set as usual. On that note, I hate Adam's shirt and lack of facial hair."

Then, it's time for the opinion of the only coadge that matters. Blake says that "Casey won't back down" and says he brought a lot of energy to the performance and though he says that he's far more comfortable working with country singers, Blake ultimately goes with Terry because he "knows what his voice is."

Casey looks visibly disappointed, but all is not over. Thanks to the new "Voice" feature, "the steal," one of the other coadges can claim Casey for their own team. Carson says, "I want to remind the coaches that Casey is available to steal," and then, crickets.

‪Chelsey‬ "So awkward. 'Casey is available to steal ... no one? Nope?'"
‪Jaimie‬: "SO AWKWARD. It's like a dating auction."

OK. Now, it's over.

Winner: Terry

Bryan Keith v. Collin McLouglin
Team Adam
"Santeria," Sublime

We're not going to lie, both Bryan and Collin's blind auditions were so long ago that we actually forgot who both of them were. We never thought we'd say it, but thank goodness for the mid-episode recaps. Bryan was the one with the famous, Grammy-winning dad and Collin was the one who dropped out of grad school. So, this battle begs the question: whose first world problem is worse?

Jaimie: "I barely remember these guys."

Luckily, the battle rounds rely much less heavily on the sob story nonsense, and instead much more on celebrity mentor Mary J. Blige's awesome outfit. Or maybe that's just us. Either way, work it, Mary J. Adam reveals this odd song choice for the two young gents, and it seems to be working much better for Bryan than it is for pitch perfect (in theaters now!) Collin, who quickly assumes the underdog role.

Jaimie: "Mary J's outfit is amazing. I'm obsessed."
Chelsey: "Oh yeah. Every aspect. Collin is shaking back and forth so much. He's davening."

The editing of the final rehearsal definitely seems to be leaning towards Collin as he wins the most improved award, but Bryan turned around all four chairs in the blind auditions, so it's anyone's game. The two boys hit the stage and, if it weren't already apparent, this seems like a much better fit for Bryan. That doesn't stop everyone's favorite grad school drop out from trying to look real cool though!

Jaimie: "Carson introduced Collin as 'the student who walked away from grad school'...aka the idiot."

After the performance, Carson turns it over to the other coadges to reveal who they would pick. Blake says he would go with Collin, but X-Tina and Cee both go with Bryan. After some deliberation, Adam too chooses Bryan.

And then you guys, it happens. The first "STEAL" experience. And we're still confused by it. Collin is telling Adam what an honor it was to be on his team and all of a sudden buttons are being pressed and there are some wild sound effects and Blake and Cee Lo are both trying to STEAL Collin! It's wild. Blake uses the (kind of indisputable) argument that he chose Collin over Bryan and Cee Lo did not, so Collin is now a member of Team Blake!

Jaimie: "Blake would be very good in a Lincoln Douglas debate."

Winner: Bryan Keith
Stolen: Collin McLoughlin by Blake

Diego Val Vs. J.R. Aquino
Team Cee Lo
"Jessie's Girl," Rick Springfield

It's the classic battle of the Peruvian hipster Vs. YouTube sensation and right off the bat, things are looking rough for Diego, who spends his spare time visiting children in hospitals after suffering from a disease at a young age.

Assistant coadge Rob Thomas tells Diego that though he doesn't know the song, he has a classic rock voice. Meanwhile, J.R. rocks the '80s classic, garnering praise from Rob, Cee Lo and an impressed Diego, who feels embarrassed.

In the commentary, we hear a boastful J.R. say he "can learn songs like that" and then, cut to Rob Thomas marveling over the number of YouTube views J.R. has. Good luck fitting your head through the door, bro.

Diego is still struggling and Rob, Cee Lo and even J.R., who clearly doesn't know his place, say he needs to study this song. By the time they perform for Cee Lo, Diego has improved, but still needs to polish things up a bit. On the other hand, J.R. needs to dirty up his performance and get an "attitude adjustment," according to Cee Lo, if he wants to move on the Knockout Round.

‪Chelsey:‬ "J.R. is cocky."
‪Jaimie‬: "Yep. I never liked him. Diego!!!!! Get it together."
Chelsey: "I know ... nervy."

Before they take the stage, we hear Diego talking about how much he's been practicing. "I've been rehearsing every day. That song is like, my morning song, my lunch song, my dinner song, my going to sleep song," he says. "I'm giving it like 1000 percent."

Then, J.R. says he's "not just going to settle for YouTube" and, believe it or not, gets even douchier when he enters the ring and psychs Diego out after reaching for a handshake.

‪Chelsey‬: "Diego's marf :( Oof and pedal pushers."
‪Jaimie‬: ‪"I‬t's not the worst marf. And besides, he's not from here. It's OK. Let it go."
Chelsey: "That's actually a good point. He gets a pass."

As they perform, it's clear Diego has been listening to his "going to sleep song" quite a bit, but J.R. has improved as well and his parents appear to be using the Tinkerbell method of applause to push J.R. to the next round.

Speaking of pushing, Diego retaliates for the handshake fake-out by pushing J.R. out of the way during their performance so that he can take center stage.

‪Jaimie‬: "Hahaha. He just pushed J.R. GO DIEGO GO. (See what I did there?)"
Chelsey: "HAHAHAH. SASSY. (and yes)."

After the performance, Adam says they were "really battling it" and notes that J.R. "killed it." Blake says they both had their "great moments," but he would pick J.R. But Christina, who notes J.R.'s performance was stronger, thinks Diego should move on because he came alive in the end.

Ultimately though, it's up to Cee Lo, who leans towards Diego because he thinks he can do something "stranger" with him.

In another awkward auction moment, no coadges want to steal J.R., but Cee Lo says they'll stay in touch and encourages him to continue to pursue a career in music.

Winner: Diego

De'Borah Vs. Nelly's Echo
Team Christina
"Message in a Bottle," The Police

We were very upset about this pairing seeing as we really like both of these contestants. Ugh, X-Tina. Why? We want them both to make it. We're introduced to Team Christina's celebrity mentor, Billie Joe Armstrong.

Jaimie: "Billie Joe Armstrong: Rock star, Green Day frontman...and rehab patient."
Chelsey: "Deb is adorable. She's so excited. But she also totally thinks BJA's name is Green Day."

Our sadness continues as the two start to practice and both sound amazing. BJA tells them that even their mistakes sound amazing.

The two awesomely-named contestants both sound great throughout their performance, and Deb is also dressed fabulously as always.

Jaimie: "I love both of them so much."
Chelsey: "I know. Fingers crossed for a steal."
Jaimie: "YES. It's also like a true duet."

The camera cuts to their respective families, and Deb's dad is TRULY feeling it.

Chelsey: "De'Borah's dad just went full preacher."
Jaimie: " Wow. I actually just heard him say, 'That's right.'"

After the performance, all of the coadges say that while both contestants sounded amazing, they would go with Deb. Christina agrees and we sadly say goodbye to Nelly's Echo, but not before a very long embrace between De'Borah and Adam. When did those two get tight? Nelly's Echo graciously thanks Christina, and no one steals him! But De'Borah's emotional and happy diatribe puts a smile on our faces again.

Jaimie: "Oh my gosh. Deb. I can't. I just can't."
Chelsey: I know. LOVE."

Winner: De'Borah

2 Steel Girls Vs. Gracia Harrison
Team Blake
"Sin Wagon," The Dixie Chicks

The "Nashville" mother-daughter duo is going up against 18-year-old Illinois yodeler, who's nervous about competing with two voices. But Mama Steel is worried about singing more country than soulful, which is where her voice works naturally.

Chelsey: "God, the mom is a yeller. It's painful."
Jaimie:  ‪"So is the daughter's ponytail‬."
Chelsey:  ‪"Dressed like a ho fo' sho.'"‬

When it comes to their second practice, Gracia's nerves start to take over and the 2 Steel Girls aren't meshing, due to too much intensity. Blake urges them to work on the song more (and more and more and more).

Then, it's time to take the stage with Gracia in her cowboy boots and ruffled pink dress and the 2 Steel Girls in black, leather, studs and some hair crimping, which should never, ever, ever happen again.

Little Miss Steel has a very intense, not particularly playful look on her face as she glares at Gracia and wiggles her hips, but nothing seems to faze the future country sweetheart.

And the coadges seem to agree. Christina says she really enjoyed it a lot and she'd go with Gracia because of the playfulness she brought to her performance. Adam says it was so much fun to watch and thinks they were all phenomenal, but he's Team Gracia too.

Blake loved both artists' performances -- noting how much he loves 2 Steel Girls' singing -- and says it's the hardest decision he's had to make in a long time. Ultimately, he goes with Gracia because Blake says she brought way more confidence to her performance.

Again, no one wants to go on a date with 2 Steel Girls and it's on to the next.

Winner: Gracia Harrison

Trevin Hunt vs. Amanda Brown
Team Cee Lo
"Vision of Love," Mariah Carey

We've made it to the last battle of the night, and oh boy, it's a doozy. Trevin blew us away in the blind auditions and Amanda was a backup singer for Adele, so she's RBA (royalty by association). Cee Lo gives the two a challenging Mariah Carey song, but ain't no thang, because they're pros. Actually, Amanda is a pro, and Trevin is kind of like the poster child for raw talent, so he struggles a bit, but we know he'll be fine because he's Trevin!

Chelsey: "Trevin is such a Ruben Studdard teddy bear."
Jaimie: "I know! CEE LO. You are stupid for doing this to them."

Another poor match-up by a coadge. Cee Lo knows it too, because they both sound so great during rehearsals that Cee Lo gets his sad face on and tosses his baby arms into the "air."

Amanda and Trevin, looking adorbs in his red leather jacket, absolutely own the performance. It is far superior to all of the other battles this season thus far and Cee Lo knows it. He is figuratively kicking himself (since we all know it would be damn near impossible for him to literally kick himself with his baby legs). All of the coadges are equally impressed, and Adam says that he will be attempting to steal whichever one of the two Cee Lo doesn't pick. Blake and X-Tina give similarly positive feedback to the two singers.

Chelsey: "Christina giving credit where credit is due. That's a first. I guess she has a legitimate reason to do it now if she's trying to steal though."

Cee Lo struggles to make a decision, but that's not even relevant anymore. The real question is: Which coadge will steal one of these two awesome singers? It's a big loss for Cee Lo either way. They make us mull it over while we watch more previews for "Chicago Fire" and Sir Lady Gaga tells us that he's been a firefighter since the day he was born. (Silly, that's impossible!)

After the commercial break, and after some unnecessary prodding by Carson, Cee Lo chooses Trevin, and all three other coadges IMMEDIATELY press their buttons for Amanda. It's intense ya'll. Stressin. Trevin adorably cheers for Amanda as she mulls it over, and she ultimately chooses Adam. Cee Lo is legitimately so disappointed with himself, and it's kind of sad. But, hey, he has TREVIN!

Winner: Trevin Hunte
Stolen: Amanda Brown by Adam