03/15/2012 04:19 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

LA Fashion Week vs. NYC Fashion Week

With LA Fashion Week underway and NYC fashion week behind us, there are so many people who are asking me what the big differences are between the two. Does NYC really care about what is going on at LA Fashion Week? And how is fashion a reflection of the varying cultural attitudes and styles? So I sat down with my amazing LA based stylist, Jazzie Bella to chat and give an overview on some of these hotly debated issues.

LA Fashion Week is all about emerging designers. It prides itself on discovering "fresh faces." Most collections that are being shown during LA Fashion Week are from designers the average American hasn't heard of. This is what makes LA so special because it's interesting to see this media crazed town highlight new artistic talent. It's a great way to bring unique fashion back on the map. We are seeing these new designers doing more art-based installations for their collections inspired by LA and the west coast lifestyle.

Concept LA has had some smart, great new talent that we have discovered by attending. It is really promising and the highlight of LA Fashion Week that we have loved the most. The aim of Concept is to merge entertainment with some of the most relevant fashion designers, artists, and musicians of the moment. This five-day program of the arts incorporates all the elements of entertainment merging them together. It's a great vehicle for new artists to debut their talent.

At New York Fashion Week we get to see iconic designers showcase their collections at the fabulous Lincoln Center and previously The Tents at Bryant Park. There is a certain status that NYFW holds. The collections shown are recognizable to most people and are household names. New York also gets more notoriety because to many, New York is the fashion capital of the world. The media coverage is extensive and many A-list celebrities attend these shows and after parties.

NYC Fashionistas definitely take note about what is happening at LAFW but you won't see Anna Wintour attending these shows. The Internet and blogs are a get way for New Yorkers to catch up on what is happening on the west coast. After all, the next great thing could come out for LA and every NY fashionista wants to be the first to know about it!

On the runway at LAFW week you are going to see a more relaxed vibe taking a queue from the easy breezy LA lifestyle. Also a major influence at LA Fashion Week is designing for the red carpet where in NY the runway influences the fashion tastemakers. In LA you are not going to see gowns modeled after wedding cakes and over-the-top couture creations. Runway styles shown during NYFW are outrageous and sometimes unwearable. LA Fashion Week is about reinforcing trends and selling clothes people will actually wear.

One thing that is true about LA and NY is that whether you are a well-known designer or a newcomer to the fashion world, you are keeping your fingers crossed and hoping for excellent reviews. For the newcomers, it just takes one person who has a platform or one critic to tell people about your work. The established lines are just trying to stay on top and come out with the latest and greatest.

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