12/11/2014 11:05 am ET Updated Feb 09, 2015

How I Thrived in 2014

As I reflect on 2014, I can truly say that this was the year that I thrived! I went into this year with a renewed focus and passion for life and living on purpose. I believe that has been one of the main reasons that I have experienced so much success over the last twelve months. I am not saying this to make you feel bad. However, I do want you to take time to assess your life. I believe our moments need metrics. It is a travesty to go through life void and living with no vision. I was so thrilled to come across a phenomenal book earlier this year. The book was Thrive by Arianna Huffington. Thrive refocused my life and empowered me to recommit to success on my own terms. I told Arianna that I believe Thrive is much more than a book. It is a movement that is impacting how we live our lives. If you have not read the book I encourage you to do so. Trust me; you will be so glad that you did. Track your moments and start a thrive movement in your own life.

1.Thriving begins with assessing where you are. While 2014 was an amazing year for me, I have to talk about 2013. 2013 was a very difficult year for me. I felt like my life was in a holding pattern. I knew something needed to change. However, I had to take time to set the course for seeing change happen in my life. When your life does not have a track you cannot expect to get traction. Stagnation is an enemy to success. I encourage you to do an audit of your year. Are you on track with where you want to be? Are you more focused? Are you living with greater purpose? Auditing your life is the first step to awakening to life at another level.

2. Thriving in life is taking time to pray, reflect and meditate for answers. One of the things I loved about Thrive is that Arianna talks about meditation and quiet time in your life. For over 20 years I have made prayer and meditation a normal part of my life. I get up extra early every morning and I pray. Also, I sit quietly and wait for answers. This practice has revolutionized my life in ways that I cannot even explain. I find myself living more calm, centered and connected to my divine purpose. Prayer and meditation has brought me through some of the darkest seasons of my life. Every major decision about my life is one that I take with me into prayer and meditation. Nothing will awaken you to your greatest potential like making prayer and meditation part of your daily life.

3.Thriving in life is finding meaning in everything. Just about a month ago a dear friend of mine was killed in a very tragic accident. The pain that I felt is too deep for words. However, one thing carried me through and that was gratitude. Instead of spending every moment grieving I chose to spend my moments being grateful. I celebrated the awesome life that he lived. I celebrated the amazing impact he had on my life. The more grateful I was the more I was able to find peace in the midst of a troubling time. Gratitude adds meaning to your life. It gives you the ability to find hope even in hopeless situations. When you are grateful you are able to realize how everything in your life serves a greater purpose. Even in death there are precious lessons that we can discover. Gratitude is a daily part of my life. I encourage you to cultivate a lifestyle of gratitude.

4. Thriving is learning to enjoy the beauty of life. With the death of a precious friend over a month ago, I can truly say that life has been put into perspective for me. I have always believed in living passionately and living on purpose. However, so many times we become so busy that we forget to enjoy the beauty of life. I find myself just looking out into nature more and smiling. I find myself being more present in my conversations. I find myself guarding my moments more. I believe the greatest lesson that life taught me this year is that moments must be guarded because once a moment is gone you can never get it back. Arianna Huffington calls it adding wonder to your life. Life is never boring when you become aware of the limitless dimensions of life's beauty. So I encourage you to stop rushing through life. Put down your phone and connect with those that you love. Enjoy your holidays and vacations. Your work will still be there when you get back. Live every day to the fullest because that is what a great life looks like. Thrive is so much more than a book. Thrive is a lifestyle that you can embrace. 2014 was the year that I truly thrived!