09/05/2014 03:09 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2014

How Prayer and Meditation Changed My Life

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Years ago, I found myself at a horrible place in my life. I was feeling exhausted, uneasy and very anxious. It was during that time that I made a conscious decision that something had to change. While I have always been a deeply spiritual person, I knew that this exhaustion I was feeling was coming from a place of spiritual emptiness. In other words, spirituality was more of an obligation than a pleasure in my life. I learned that spirituality can be a very enjoyable experience. Spirituality is not something that we do. Spirituality is a way of being that comes from living a heart-centered and soul-liberated life. So I decided to make prayer and meditation a normal part of my daily life. That was almost 17 years ago and my life has never been the same. Prayer and meditation truly changed my life!

1. Prayer is simply a divine conversation. I see prayer as an opportunity for humanity to express itself to divinity. Prayer is a sacred spiritual practice that transformed my life. Every morning I wake up extra early for prayer. I don't allow any electronic devices during this time. That means no tablets, phones or other distracting devices. This time is reserved for prayer. Prayer is my opportunity to pour out my heart and to invite the divine into the affairs of my life. Prayer always centers me and I always come out of prayer changed in a profound way. Prayer is a remarkably touching experience for humanity. More importantly, prayer is the most powerful agent in transforming the heart.

2. Prayer always aligns us with our most authentic self. Prayer can be very intimidating. Prayer has become more complicated in modern times. Everyone looks for a formula for prayer. Prayer is simply expressing what is on your heart. It is not in how eloquent we can speak or how profound we can sound. In fact, some of the most powerful prayers aren't audible. Prayer is the most simplistic activity we can ever engage in. Yet prayer is one of the most powerful forces for change in the word. When you pray from your heart you tap into your most authentic self. You are able to get to the heart of a matter. You are able to honor the power of a moment. The most amazing thing about prayer is that you become familiar with your most authentic self. Prayer will always show you your heart and prayer will always shape the heart.

3. Meditation is divinity responding to humanity. Meditation is a powerful practice that will revolutionize your life. Meditation forces us to stop and slow down. I love meditation because it requires me to get still and to sit in the silence. As an entrepreneur, I have lots of demands that come with each day. However, every morning I spend quality time in meditation before I do anything else. Meditation always refreshes me and I have discovered some of the most remarkable revelations during meditation. Sacred wisdom is revealed in those quiet times. Hope is restored. Vision is repaired. Meditation is one of the greatest healing agents in the world.

4. Meditation changed my life forever. Years ago I was extremely anxious and internally conflicted. As a deeply spiritual person, it bothered me that I was living my life off center. The reason I say that meditation changed my life is because it was in the stillness that my life was synchronized. Meditation allowed me to break through all the barriers and truly opened up my heart. The loudness of life slowly ceased and I found myself living more consciously. In other words, I found myself living more focused and fulfilled. The spiritual vacuum that so many are experiencing in their lives can never be satisfied with vanity. Prayer and meditation synchronizes your life and brings you to a place of substance. I am so grateful for prayer and meditation because it saved my life!