05/05/2015 06:18 pm ET Updated May 05, 2016

The Next Era of Leadership

Robert Daly via Getty Images

Over the last month, I have had the distinct pleasure of speaking on various platforms and talking with leaders from all over the world. I am promoting my new book on leadership and I am amazed at how this book is resonating with so many people. For years I have had the pleasure of developing and empowering leaders all over the world. From my experience and observation, I have seen a lot of things in leadership today that really concern me. That was essentially the premise for me writing this book. I believe that we are facing a major crisis in leadership. If we do not make course corrections we will see a total collapse of twenty-first century leadership. Some of you may be wondering why I am so passionate about leadership. Let me explain to you why leadership is an obsession of mine.

1. Leadership is an honor. I have been mentored and coached by some of the greatest leaders in the world. What I have observed from them is that leadership is truly an honor. The call to leadership is issued to many. However, you will never rise to the highest heights of leadership without having a proper respect for leadership. We must stop seeing power as a tool for coercion and manipulation. We must see power as a catalyst to manifesting change in the word. We are in a time where the foundation of leadership has been cracked. Leaders with capacity and character will restore honor to leadership. Your concept of leadership will determine the context of your leadership. Your perspective will shape your power. We must assess our motives if we want to truly move leadership forward in the twenty-first century.

2. Leadership must be governed by principles. In this era of competition and dominance, it is vital that leaders get back to a place of leading with core values and principles. Our values are the things that anchor and undergird our leadership. The atrophy of leadership globally can be linked to the fact that we no longer have the anchoring that comes with living out core values and principles. We cannot use treachery and manipulation to get to the top. We cannot allow power to corrupt us. We must allow principles to conserve our leadership. Misuse of power is always the product of misplaced priorities. Never forget that the goal of leadership is not the advancement of personal agendas. The goal of leadership is the advancement of humanity.

3. Leaders must lead from the heart. Traditionally, the heart is not something that you hear discussed in leadership. In fact, many of my clients give me a bewildered look when I bring up the heart in leadership development. I know this concept is still new for some in the business and leadership arena. However, the heart has been one of the keys to my success in leadership. We have spent a lifetime considering the head. On the other hand, we spend very little time consulting the heart. We must get back to leading from a place of love. We must have a compassion for those that we lead. We must seek to understand those that we lead so we can best utilize the resources of our teams. We must be willing to sacrifice personal gain for the greater good. We have too many haughty, hateful and hostile leaders in the world today. Open your heart and it will not only transform how you lead but it will transform those around you. When we listen and lead with our hearts we become leaders empowered to bring healing to the world.

4. Leaders must recommit to leadership. While everything I have said is true, this step is vitally important if we want to see transformation in leadership. Without this step everything else will fail. We have to recommit to leadership. We must commit to the call and the responsibility. We must hold leaders to higher standards. In addition, we must be quick to address corruption when we see it happening. The conservation of leadership globally demands that you make a new commitment. The old models of leadership are broken. It is time for honor to be restored, heart-centered leadership to return, honest dialogue and higher levels of thinking within leadership. It is not impossible to turn the tide. However, it will take recommitment to repair leadership. Commitment must start with the individual, then our organizations and ultimately the world. I am passionate about leadership because I am passionate about seeing change in the world. I know that we will never see change globally without constant growth and development. You have a part to play in the prophetic destiny of humanity. Use your power as a force for transformation in the world. Leadership is my passion because it is a major key to shifting the world!