07/21/2014 10:18 am ET Updated Sep 20, 2014

Thoughts for a Time of Crisis

So much is happening globally at this moment. In fact, you can't put down your device or turn on your television without hearing of the hostile situation happening in Israel. Just as we were trying to make sense of that, news broke of a Malaysian aircraft being shot down in the Ukraine. On the home front, we see a huge rift in our nation. We see a divided government and ultimately a divided world. How do we remain conscious in a time where crisis is rampant in our world? What can we do to keep perspective in a time where most of the news is unsettling? How do you find solace in a moment of great uncertainty?

The greatest thing we can do in this moment is to unify. I believe that unity is one of the greatest forces in the world. Unity is coming to the realization that we are much stronger together than we are divided. Unity is realizing that our differences are not a tool we should use to divide but a tool we should use to appreciate the diversity that makes us one. In this moment the mantra that can unite the world is that we are one. Yes, in this moment we can let go of hatred, bitterness, indifference and join together as one. In this moment we can realize that violence is not the answer. Violence further inflicts wounds but it does not improve the world. Revenge has claimed countless lives but revenge does not change the world. There are no true winners in war. War causes everyone to suffer.

Today, we can make a decision to unify. We can realize that unity multiplies our power. Unity is the force that propels humanity forward. Unity is always birthed out of a deep sense of love and understanding. Unity is birthed out a respect for the uniqueness that connects us as the human race. In this moment we can respond to crisis by choosing unity.

While we cannot undo the damage that has been done, we don't have to aid in the deterioration of humanity. We can be defenders of unity. We can decide that hatred, bigotry and indifference are unacceptable. We can choose to dialogue about disagreements. We can choose to be understanding of each other's uniqueness. We may not totally stop violence from being perpetuated but we can decide to be vessels of peace.