01/31/2007 07:50 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Have You Heard The One About The Three HuffPost Bloggers On Air Together? It's Called BlogTalkRadio

I am a fan and an advocate and an admirer of how the political process is changing in front of our eyes and, most importantly, changing for the better, as technology shifts the power from the consultants and committees in DC and back to where it belongs, in the hands of the people.

A year ago, we had never heard of YOUTUBE. Now it's a political force.

Four years ago, there were a handful of blogs, now we are used to their power to organize and communicate.

Now, there's something new - BlogTalkRadio. Think of it as the voice of the blogs. Think of it as how all the great writing and communication that happens on the blogs will come to life. Think of it as how a blogger can have a two way conversation instead of blogging only being a one way path.

BlogTalkRadio literally lets anyone who has a blog have their own radio show. People can listen in from anywhere in the world and when the show is over, it archives as a podcast. (Note: short podcast stocks.)

I just recently have gotten involved with BlogTalkRadio and its truly remarkable original three champions, founder Alan Levy, his partner Bob Charish and their programming director, Amy Domestico.

Tonight my new BlogTalkRadio show "Heading Left" launches at 6:00 pm eastern and I will have two outstanding Huffington Post bloggers joining me. (Don't forget, you can listen live, or listen at your convenience here.)

Jon Soltz is an Iraq War Veteran who founded and has been working tirelessly to stop the escalation of the war. (Make sure you see the new spot they just released this week.)

Jonanthan Powers is another Iraq War Vet who founded War Kids Relief (featured recently in Newsweek) and is one of the stars of the VoteVets ad.

We also will be joined by Steve Gilliard of Steve was one of the original posters on DailyKos and is a terrific voice and leader online.

My co-host Nate Wilcox and I will be leading an important discussion: how the netroots and vets can work together to help stop the war. Please listen in - progressive radio does have a future - it's online. Just click the button below for details.