12/07/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

John Kerry For Secretary Of State. Max Cleland For Secretary Of Veterans Affairs

Over the past eight years, our standing in the world has plummeted and while there are many important decisions to made in the coming days, Secretary of the Treasury for example, there are two areas where I have a touch more experience and two men I believe, strongly, are the right men for the job.

Let's start with the position and the man for which there will be more debate.

John Kerry for Secretary of State.

This is going to be one of the critical positions in the Obama Administration and not one for the faint of heart. It needs to be filled by someone who is both actually understands the world around us and is passionate about making that world a better, safer place.

It also needs to be filled by a Democrat and not be one of the places where we look for bipartisanship where there is none. Of all the things completely fubared by the Bush Administration and its Republican supporters, our foreign policy is number one, top of the charts. Why on earth would we want to blur the lines between blue and red here? Democrat all the way at State I say.

Of all the people being considered for the job, frankly, John Kerry is best-suited for the role. A decorated war hero, John Kerry served his country when many others served their own interests. In 1968, young graduates from universities like Yale, men such as John, and his close friend David Thorne, had ample opportunity not to go to Vietnam but they did.

Wouldn't it be a tremendous benefit to have a combat veteran as Secretary of State? Someone who understands that real men and women fight and die in wars? I say yes.

It also would be a benefit to have a Secretary of State who is passionate and understands that climate change is an issue that effects all other issues. In his career in the United States Senate and in his personal life, John Kerry has been a passionate supporter of environmental issues and a passionate believer that we must act, and continue to act, to fight off the potentially catastrophic impact of global warming.

War and Climate Change are the two great issues facing our country and our world. John Kerry is better than any considered to address them.

For those who think otherwise, I'd ask you to consider this endorsement of the man.

I saw John Kerry fight through the primary process in 2003 and 2004. I saw John Kerry stand up, under immense pressure at the first debate in the fall of 2004. I watched as John Kerry handled the loss with dignity and after November 2004, I watched John Kerry carry on, and continue the fight.

I have seen John Kerry in the most public of moments, and standing alone with my young son. We would be fortunate to have him as our Secretary of State.

And now, Max Cleland.

On Max's behalf, there is the kharma argument and the qualification argument. On the karma side, we have a partial redemption since Jim Martin appears to at least have forced a runoff with Saxby Chambliss on December 2nd.

This, however, only partially heals the wound Max suffered in 2002. Max Cleland deserves to roll back into Washington, D.C. and get the hero's welcome he so richly deserves and be appointed Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

This is not an insignificant position and one not fraught with difficulty. The needs of an older generation of veterans, those of the Vietnam era, are colliding with the needs of a younger generation, those from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The need has grown and grown and grown and now is so dramatically out of whack that this department needs an inspirational leader that no Congressman, No Senator, No Congressional Budget Advisor could possibly deny or turn down.

Max Cleland is that man.

Max has the experience, he served as head of the VA under Jimmy Carter. He served as a US Senator. He knows veterans, he knows the issues, he knows the job.

There are many deserving men and women for these two roles. But these two men, I believe, are the best qualified and most deserving.

There's one more tie between them that is a tie best broken. Both were victims of the worst kind of political character attack that we have seen in recent history. Both were attacked, and really, destroyed politically, by lies and evil. As Max wrote here recently, "justice can be delayed but it never should be denied."

It will be not only justice but good our country if both these men are tapped for key roles in the Obama Administration.

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