05/08/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Meet Your Democratic Leaders: ChickenSh*t Coward Edition

I have been accused of being angry and I would like to say this for myself.

I'm angry.

I'm angry that our party has no leaders, zero, none, nada. And I'm really angry that those in leadership positions seem intent on reaching across the aisle, playing it safe, not choosing sides and not standing up even if their chair was on fire.

Today, I am angry, again, at Nancy Pelosi. And I'm calling out Al Gore and John Edwards. Three intelligent people who are not leaders in any way shape or form. How bad would things have to get before one of these three stands up? Would our economy have to be on the precipice? Would we have to be stuck in a war that's costing us blood and treasure? Would the world face major challenges in global warming? What exactly would prompt them to action?

Speaker Pelosi is bringing a $170 billion bill to vote in the House of Representatives, 170 billion more for the war in Iraq. She does not have to bring this bill to the floor or to a vote. She is choosing of her own free will to support the war. Maybe it has to do do with her deep friendship with George Bush. In her own words:

A "fine relationship." "Amiable." It's not "personal." Really Speaker Pelosi? It's not? It should be. How many soldiers will die before it's personal? How many families will have to be devastated before you take it personally?

When will you realize that they take it personally, hell, you're getting blamed for high gas prices this week because you are Speaker of the House - you control the nation's pocketbook, here's what they are saying about your lack of action on gas prices - from Freedom"s Watch:

In a 2006 press release, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that Democrats had a common sense plan to bring down skyrocketing fuel prices. The average price for a gallon of gas when Democrats took control of congress that November was $2.25 - a price that Pelosi and other liberals claimed amounted to "price gouging." The average price of a gallon of gas today is now up to a record $3.61, and in Speaker Pelosi's home Congressional district in the California bay area, the price tops $4 a gallon.

Despite the price going up $1.36 per gallon (that's 60%!) since Democrats took control of Congress 15 months ago, an out-of-touch Speaker Pelosi and Congressional leadership have still not released this so-called common sense plan to bring prices under control. Just last week in an interview with Larry King, Speaker Pelosi cited the national average as being only $2.56.

Rising fuel prices don't only raise the cost to fill our gas tanks, but they affect the prices we pay for almost every other product - including necessities like food, and Congress is doing nothing to alleviate the strain on Americans' wallets. Click here to see just how out of touch Speaker Pelosi and Congressional leaders are. Then call Speaker Pelosi's office at 202-225-0100 and remind her that America does need a common sense plan to bring gas prices under control.

Speaking of gas prices, and oil companies and record profits and global warming: Al Gore.

Al Gore has said that the global warming situation has gotten worse,

"But the situation has got worse. The entire North Polar ice cap is melting and could be gone in some areas in as little as five years," he said.

We have all heard the former vice president say in his documentary that we have just ten years, that was two years ago, so the next president of the United States, incumbents usually win their re-election fights, will determine the future of global warming, so surely Al Gore is planning on getting heavily involved in this year's political campaigns.


He's not planning on doing anything. No endorsement for Andrew Rice in Oklahoma. No pick in the Democratic race. Nothing. Instead he has launched a $300 million advertising campaign to try and get an email list to try and influence politicians? We can solve it, sure, but WE need fighters not followers.

And then, John Edwards:

"If you look at what's happening in the world today, we desperately need visionary leadership."

North Carolina is holding its primary next week. John Edwards stood on the stage with Senator Clinton and Senator Obama, who is better for the country John? Who will provide that leadership?

Your entire campaign was about standing up for what's right - what you believe in and fighting poverty. So which candidate is better? Who are you endorsing?


Speaker Pelosi will fund the war and deliver the White House to John McCain.

Al Gore will stand by as, by his own definition, the defining election in the fight against global warming takes place and he choose not to participate.

John Edwards will watch the North Carolina Primary as an interested observer I suppose.

All three fail the test.