06/08/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Nike Shanks It

It's hard to argue long term with successful companies, I don't often think that I know better than the folks at Apple, or Google, or in this case, Nike, but the new ad with Tiger Woods is an absolute disgrace and Phil Knight should have known better.

Nothing could scream capitalistic opportunism more than bringing back Tiger's father from the dead, with an audio track that must have been an outtake from an old commercial -- my suspicion is that it's about losing a golf tournament, not the trust of the public.

Tiger's travails have proven that hiring all the king's horses and all the king's men doesn't matter jack shit if in essence you are a self-absorbed egomaniac. In attempting to treat Tiger's situation like they did when they launched him on his pro career with "Hello World," Nike is enabling the disaster to continue.

Tiger needs to learn the basics of managing this situation and this is good for anyone who is ever in his situation or any public situation when your behavior is less than ideal.

Man up. Eliot Spitzer and David Letterman stood up, took responsibility for their actions and are moving forward with their lives.

Shut up. The greatest thing about standing up and telling the truth is it allows you to shut up moving forward, instead of having to spend millions on a crap t.v. commercial.

Move forward. After you man up, and shut up, you can move forward with your life. But when you have yet to man up, even to the young woman who is a daughter of a friend of yours Tiger and whom I know. And when you can't shut up, you deserve the vortex you are spinning in.

We are now seeing the real Tiger Woods, what passed before was an illusion.

As such, he will go back to winning golf tournaments. But he will never be the brand he once was, because that brand was not real.

Nike should know better.