01/20/2006 08:04 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Raising Kaine

I have absolutely had enough.

This is nothing personal but Tim Kaine just might be the worst possible choice to offer a rebuttal to the State of the Union address that the Democrats could have possibly made. We don't have a lot of time to screw around here, but seriously, what elected Democratic official could be worse than someone who is a governor, has been in office less than a month and supports staying the course in Iraq? Clock's ticking.

But you know what? You can lead Democrats in DC to water but you can't make them think. The problem is that the party doesn't belong to them, they don't have 56 million votes, we do. And ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for the power to come back to us and we're going to do something about it.

Here are some steps we can take.

Until true campaign finance reform takes place, money is the engine that drives the political process in America. One lesson I have learned in my corporate turnaround business life is -- follow the money. Demand more from the people you support and don't support the people who don't believe in standing up and fighting. Now, I don't believe in going quite so far as some groups are suggesting and actively working against Democratic officials who support the administration like Joe Lieberman, but I am perfectly happy to let candidates like that sway in the wind on their own. Numerous progressive and liberal blogs, especially Daily Kos, are great places to guage how a candidate or elected official stands on key issues. Stay informed and stay away from the appeasers.

The second step is to support the candidates and officials who do stand up and take simple powerful stances. Men like Jack Murtha. DC is a lonely place for intelligent people with passion, brains and balls. Call his office. Send an email. Say thank you and encourage those who are with us. (John Kerry sent out a great statement last night on the Chris Matthews situation -- send him an email thanking him as well.) You can also research candidates who are running across the country, like the Fighting Democrats -- Iraqi war veterans who are running as candidates for the House and in one case, the Senate (Paul Hackett in Ohio.) Send them each $25. The power of the emerging progressive blogosphere is not in how big our donations can be, but how many of us there are.

Third, we need to start to call the media to the table for their actions. How dare Chris Matthews compare Michael Moore to Osama Bin Laden? And speaking of OBL, where's the outrage? The fact that this terrorist is still breathing, be it in freedom or in a secret prison to be pulled out at just the right moment as some allege, is an absolute crime that George Bush should be held accountable for.

OBL's continued presence is a sign of our total and complete FAILURE in the war on terror. Send a letter to the editor about this little simple fact today. You can also send a note to Evan Bayh who last night on Larry King was offered the chance to say that OBL's continued presence is a sign of administration failure and he whiffed it. On a personal note, every time OBL shows up, think of the families of the victims of 9/11. He shows up, and they re-live the pain all over again.

Finally, regarding the State of the Union. I'm open to suggestions but here are a few things I thought of since I stopped throwing up. Everyone can email or call their elected Democratic official, encourage them to wake up and smell the War in Iraq and get Jack Murtha to give the rebuttal. We should also collectively consider a more basic question. Should the Democrats even show up at all for the State of the Union? Maybe we should boycott it totally. And finally, with the power of our community, let's think about how we can all respond to the State of the Union online and through the mainstream media.

Because if the Democrats in DC are completely incapable of rebutting Bush, trust me -- we're not.


note: Please also read Peter Daou's great post on Chris Matthews and Arianna's on Tim Kaine.