11/03/2005 09:47 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

What Happens When Democrats Put Down Their Chardonnay.

One of the funniest and most interesting things about Harry Reid closing the Senate doors was Dr. Death, I mean Senator Frist, going pretty much apoplectic, sputtering mad, and essentially for the most part, falling apart on live t.v.

Where a little grace and humor would have deprived the Democrats of their moral victory, or better yet, when agreeing that we need to get the facts out about our intelligence failures would have completely swung the story, Frist instead melted down in a way that would have made my six year old son proud.

Watching this on t.v. it suddenly struck me that I'd seen this act before. I had witnessed first hand the almost humorous destruction that is a storied Republican leader crumbling in front of the cameras. The previous occasion was September 30, 2004 when George Bush walked out to face John Kerry in the first debate in Miami. I believe George Bush fully expected John Kerry to show up in a beret, carrying his windsurfer, wearing flip flops and preparing to fold at the first question. George Bush had so bought into the caricature that his advisors and conservative pundits were selling, that he truly believed with a wink and a smirk, and the occassional reference to 9/11, Kerry would be toast.

But when a real person, a real war hero, a man used to pressure which W never faced defending trees in Alabama during Vietnam showed up, guess what? George Bush folded, sputtered and folded. The concept that a Democrat might be a real man was simply too much for him to handle. The idea that John Kerry had a spine and a heart and a brain was just simply too much. His bluff had been called and George couldn't handle it.

George Bush the bully, Bill Frist the bully, just like any schoolyard tyrant, when you pop them back -- another lesson my six year old learned, they run home to Mommy crying.

Pick the Chardonnay back up, it's toasting time -- we're headed in the right direction.