04/17/2007 02:17 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

When Will Gun Control Fanatics Learn That Nothing is More Sacred Than The Right to Bear Arms?

Once again, gun control fanatics are on a rampage.

Once again, the story of a shooting spree has them up in arms against our constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms. Just because some love-crazed South Korean kid shot and killed 33 people at Virginia Tech yesterday, they'll find fresh reason to take the guns right out of our hands, to make them harder to buy and use and carry around. They'll start demanding background checks on anyone who buys a gun anywhere in this country. They'll make it harder than ever to get a gun license. And of course they'll point the finger at Virginia, where right now--thank God-- anyone can buy a gun at a gun show with no questions asked.

Beware. This is the kind of episode that tests our national will, our dedication to the principles that made America great. But I'm proud to say the president has already passed the test by re-affirming those principles on the very day of this latest spree. According to Dana Perino, his press secretary, "the president believes that there is a right to bear arms."

We must never forget that. The moment we give any ground to gun control fanatics is the moment we start to compromise on our rights, to see them gradually stolen from us. Is this the time to freeze triggers in the great state of Virginia, where Patrick Henry once proclaimed, "Give me liberty or give me death"? Virginia already has an intolerable restriction on guns because it allows you to buy only one a month. What more do the gun control freaks want?

The answer, of course, is a complete ban on all guns. And that's why we must fight them every inch of the way.

Do not listen to them. Listen instead to our president, who truly understands what made American great and what keeps America great at home and abroad: guns. Our forefathers did not hesitate to give their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to make this country what it is. Why should we now hesitate to sacrifice a few dozen people a year for the most precious of all rights we have--the right to bear arms?

Does the foregoing sound nuts? You bet it does. It's the certifiably insane logic of the National Rifle Association.