03/27/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dsquared2 -- Milan Fashion Week Men's Review

Amidst the strictly fashion-forward crowd that inhabit Milan during fashion week, Dsquared2 brought confidence and style to their collection with a mixture of different looks and perspectives meshed together, topped off with their signature-cut jeans.

Leather, studs, and a splash of color brought together a glam/punk theme for Dsquared2's collection. Male models strutted something manly on the Dsquared2 runway with class and sophistication to rival all of Dsquared2's previous collections. Imagine if you will, fit men somewhat taller than the average guy who just happen to be extras on a sequel to Fight Club complete with the black eyes and fat lips -- this is the 2010 collection for Dsquared2.

My favorite look for the collection:

One of my favorite looks was a black overcoat with lining on the collar. The pants were classically cut and creased at the top. This is in addition to what looks like to have been a v-neck sweater that was more than a little transparent, slightly covered a black slim tie. A basic white shirt and black pointy-toed shoes topped off the look. Together, the ensemble glittered and screamed, "I was on a date with a married woman and her husband found us just as she was unbuttoning my overcoat!"