02/09/2015 11:40 am ET Updated Apr 10, 2015

Become a Love Magnet

I want to share a story that seems especially fitting during a time of year when we celebrate love. Many people wish for love and find that it eludes them, but don't realize that they hold within them the key to becoming a love magnet -- attracting love of all kinds into their lives.

Several years back on one of my spiritual sojourns, I brought a group of about 30 people to Sedona, Arizona for a UFO expedition. According to the "inner-circles", due to the ore minerals in the ground, alien craft and their inhabitants were known to frequently venture into the Sedona vortexes.

It was a Saturday night at about 10 o'clock when I brought my group to the top of the mountain at Boynton Canyon and awaited our connection. After staring at the clear starry sky for several minutes, we saw NOTHING. I became frustrated, knowing these people had joined me expecting to have an experience.

Suddenly I heard one of my guides say very clearly in my mind: "You must meditate and raise your vibrations" I shared this with the group and we did a wonderful guided meditation for 10 minutes. Just minutes after our meditation, everyone started seeing colored lights and "craft" resembling television antennas.

A local guide approached me and said: "They're here, can you get communication?" I walked into the middle of a field and opened up my chakra points. Suddenly, I became clearly aware of beings around me. I knew they were attempting to slow down their frequencies so I could hear them. A few seconds passed and I heard and felt the most incredible loving presences. They said: "We are from the Pleiades and there is one thing we do not understand about the human race. You have the energy of love all around you, yet you choose not to use it, why is that?" And that was all they said.

This cosmic message confirmed something that I had always known, and I want to share it with you. Love Is your natural state of being. Your soul wants to resonate with love, and by bringing it back to its natural frequency, you will attract love in all forms - including romantic.

These simple exercises will help you get rid of what's standing between you and attracting love into your life.

1) If you want to experience love, first let go of fear.

Your natural state of being is love, but you can block yourself from experiencing love by choosing to live in the unnatural state of fear.

Marianne Williamson expresses this beautifully when she says "Love is what we were born into, and fear is what we learned here."

When you come from a place of fear, you build an energetic wall around yourself to protect you from death, disease, being hurt by other people -- whatever it is that you're trying to control. Since you have no real control over any of these things, what that wall is really doing is blocking you from loving and being loved.

Exercise -- For the next few days, pay attention to the experiences in your life that are fear-based. Keep track by drawing two columns on a piece of paper. In the first column, make a list of your fear based reactions, and right next to each one, write down how you could respond to the same situation from a place of love, rather than fear. For example, rather than hurrying past a homeless person on the street, you might stop, hand them a few dollars, and acknowledge them as a fellow soul having a human experience!

Train yourself to relax your fear defense and let go of the need to control -- instead go with the flow of love, the natural energy of the universe.

2) Practice loving yourself.

Before you can truly love or be loved by another person, you have to first love yourself. That means accepting yourself flaws and all.

Instead of being your own worst critic, treat yourself the way you would treat a dear friend. If a friend shared a mistake they made at work, you wouldn't say "how could you be so stupid, you'll probably get fired!" Instead you'd remind them of all of their good qualities, and tell them how valuable they are.

Exercise -- Write down a list of positive things about yourself. Consider your appearance, the way you treat other people, things you're good at. When the critic inside you speaks up, replace that thought with a positive affirmation from your list.

The love you give yourself will help you project loving energy outward. When you are in a state of loving yourself and have an awareness of yourself as a loving being that's when true love can blossom.

Become a magnet -- attracting love into your life.

With a little practice and self-awareness, you have the power to restore yourself to your natural state of being, a state of love. When you exist at this level, the love that you feel for yourself and the world acts as a magnet -- attracting more love into your life.