10/30/2012 12:04 pm ET Updated Dec 30, 2012


It is over. The wind and rain and now the drain and drying.

Powerless in all ways, but not every way.

We all who are not affected by this most recent reminder that with all of our assumptions of control, we are only human and can only do so much, have much we can do to prepare.

The American Red Cross has a site where you can download checklists to prepare yourselves and your family for an unexpected disaster.

Water, flashlights, prescriptions, extra glasses, baby formula, pet food, important documents, family plans, these are only a few. There are giant Ziploc bags that you can put them all in or even backpacks to fill and have at the ready.

We all love to stare at the images and videos and exhale that it is happening to others.

They will tell you that they did the same thing.

You can do more than cross your fingers.

You can prepare.

You can volunteer to help in the cleanup, shelter a family who lost everything, pitch in and don't have your state and city and national guards do the work.

Yes, it was a super storm, but we are a super society, which is super because of our ability to help ourselves and each other.