07/26/2013 10:03 am ET Updated Sep 25, 2013

Street Wear, It's a Lifestyle

When visiting New York, there is always hidden treasure on its city streets. The treasure I happened to stumble upon this past week was New York's Agenda Show, July 10 through the 11th. Agenda, which was held on 82 Mercer St., is a tradeshow for all street wear brands. Whether you are the new kids on the block or a veteran brand, there are opportunities for companies to expand and improve their product lines.

This years New York Agenda show was filled with brands from all over the country, spanning from CA, New York, BC, LA, and Japan! Well known companies like Diamond Supply Co., The Hundreds, 10 Deep, Vans, Crooks N Castles, and BBC Ice Cream were well represented to show off their lines for the fall and spring seasons! We know who the heavy hitters are; however, there were also companies that are not well known such as EntréeLS, Akoo, Gourmet Footwear, Native Footwear, and Flud Accessories. These companies are beginning to make an impact in the street wear culture and their sales are a reflection of their gain in popularity.

The venue was filled with curious fans, buyers, and reps that were eager to see which brands were making a statement in street wear. I was very impressed with how 10 Deep's fall line looked, their new baseball tees and button down shirt designs really popped. EntréeLS was another brand I found interesting because they are revolutionizing the way a pocket tee should look. The fabric in their pocket T-shirts is comfortable and the click button pocket adds a new sense of style that other T-shirts do not have. I feel that both 10 Deep and EntréeLs fall lines will be trendsetting masterpieces.

Finally, there was one brand that got a lot of buzz, and that was NV Euro. They made their Agenda debut at this years New York show. Their pants and t-shirt designs are neat, creative, and fun to wear. This brand is definitely on my shopping list for fall!

This was this year's New York Agenda show at a glance. The Long Beach Agenda Show is next, stay tuned!