01/26/2012 03:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Short Takes: "Art" Videos

On those maddening days when I get blog-block and can't come up with a suitable topic, I often go to YouTube and type in "art" (but only after I've watched a few Doc Martin bloopers or cute animal videos). It never fails to lead me on a strange and wonderful journey. Today's meanderings took me through food art, hand art and healing arts.

This first video combines two of my favorite subjects: coffee and art.

Staying in the food art category, watch as Phil Hansen paints the "Mona Greasa" with burger grease.

I hope that didn't "grease you out!"

And now for some hand art.

This amazing video of shadow hands is actually a VW commercial in praise of the hand-made.

One of the search results that always comes up for "art" is Dr. John Tsoi, "the acupuncturist, the herbalist, and of course, the artist." He has hundreds of these videos online and in many of them he does his artwork blindfolded. I always end up wondering if this guy is for real!

But this artwork of Dr. Tsoi's has to be my favorite. (The video is almost unwatchable at over nine minutes long, but you'll get the idea in the first minute or so.) MFA programs, take notice!

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