12/31/2013 03:55 pm ET Updated Mar 11, 2014

Beauty Trends in 2014: From Messy Bouffants to Multitasking Eyeshadow

2013 was all about bold in beauty: think Katie Perry's metallic grills, Rihanna's blue lipstick, Miley Cyrus' half-mowed platinum pixie cut, and geometric manicures with latex finishes. We'll head into 2014 with a softer, more reflective tone. Powdery pinks and retro hair styles. But you can only stay muted so long. Towards the second half of the year, we'll see a transition back to bold with more glitter, flash, and bright colors.

Here are the trends we're calling for the year ahead:

1. You won't be the only one multitasking, your products will, too.
Every woman is a born multitasker. We know how to put on eyeliner in the car, make breakfast for our kids on conference calls, curl our hair while texting, and shop online on our lunch break. Finally, our products are going to start working as hard as we do.

The idea of multi-tasking makeup, where your lipstick is also your blush, is nothing new. What's exciting for 2014 is the technology and innovation around this trend, especially when it comes to color cosmetics. Look for blush that is also a pore-minimizer, eye shadow that's an anti-aging treatment, nail polish that nourishes, treatment lip glosses, and more. There will be foundations with new hydration delivery systems, eye shadow formulations that deliver color and care, and creams that integrate natural and high-tech ingredients to treat both daily dryness and long-term aging issues. After all, everything in your beauty drawer should do more than one thing at the same time - just like us.

2. Your boyfriend (husband, dad, brother) will steal your beauty products.
From the urban hipster and the global metrosexual to the dishy dad, men today aren't afraid to focus on their looks. In 2014, the men in your life will start stealing your beauty products -because they're so ready to leave behind the world of soap-on-a-roap and Head & Shoulders. OK, so maybe men won't start sporting nail polish at the office like we joked last year, but that day may not be far off. Already, men nick their wives' concealer to mask eye circles and wrinkles, especially those looking to appear younger in the workplace. And in 2014, women's skin and hair products will trend toward natural and chemical-free, so men will more willingly borrow cleansers, exfoliating Konjac sponges, creams and conditioners that don't seem 'girly'. We also expect to see the launch of more unisex beauty products that could go either way - men or women.

3. Your bouffant will get bigger and messier.
Have you heard? The 60s are back in a big way - and I mean a big hair way. The big, bouncy, bouffant will be the hairstyle of the moment in 2014. Gone is the boyish pixie cut, in are eye-catching hair constructions that defy gravity. But you can hold the can of Aqua net. The new bouffant is messy and destructured, a la Brigitte Bardot. Blow hair high and pin in place, but then pull strands out and spritz with sea-salt spray for a 2am-on-the-Croissette effect. When it comes to hair, big will be beautiful next year. Better consider extensions if you opted to lop off your locks for a pixie cut in 2013! For the ultimate 60s beach babe look, pair a bouffant with powdery pink lipstick and blush with a vintage appeal.

4. Your nails will be reminiscent of your Grandma's wallpaper.
"Edgy 40s" will be a look in the first half of 2014. Think a hairstyle that's half Veronica Lake, half shaven head. But you don't have to go that far into the noir. You can do smaller things to look and feel like you just stepped off the set of Chinatown. For example, nails will take on a retro look early in 2014, as we step away from the geometric, 80s-inspired nails of last year. Opt for colors combinations that draw from the pretty, old-fashioned carpets and drapes in your grandma's house crossed with dark, noir-worthy hues.

5. Glitter is here to stay.
Just because the 40s noir look will make its way to your nails doesn't mean you have to toss all those polish bottles full of glitter and sparkles. Glitz is here to stay through 2014, but glittery nail colors will become more subtle. Innovations in soft glints and iridescent pearls will replace the bold glam of metallic glitters - which will re-emerge Metallic in different micro-shapes paired with highly-pigmented colors. Also look for new pearly silks with soft opalescent sheens, mattes with a slight reflective shine, and glitters with a 'flat' instead of shiny look.

Get ready for a 2014 full of beauty surprises - and please let the mouth grill flash-in-the-pan die a quick and painless death.