01/11/2013 11:23 am ET Updated Mar 13, 2013

Midday Diversity News And Notes

One day after Vice President Joe Biden said bluntly that the White House will move ahead with gun control policy with or without Congressional support, The New York Times is reporting that the administration is looking for politically feasible gun reforms and may be willing to stand down from a presumably more contentious fight over assault weapons.

Fox News Latino reports that Walmart's CEO knew about bribes paid to officials in Mexico as early as 2005.

A series of billboards and ads placed on bus stops in Brooklyn make the raw data behind the New York Police Department's controversial stop and frisk program plain, Colorlines reports. "In 70 out of 76 precincts, Black and Latino people accounted for more than 50% of stops, and comprised more than 90% of stops in 33 precincts. Even in precincts where the numbers of Black and Latino residents are very low (e.g., 8% in the 6th Precinct in Greenwich Village), they were still more than 70% of stops in six of those precincts," according to the tubmler page New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo openly criticized the program in a speech this week, but New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg insists that it is a useful crime fighting tool.

Ted Nugent says gun owners represent the nation's new Rosa Parks, The Grio reports. Nugent, a rock musician, became famous four decades ago for songs such as "Cat Scratch Fever." However, since President Barack Obama's 2008 election he has also become an increasingly vocal advocate of gun rights, and an opponent of gun control who has described gun restrictions as policies, "the cause of the downfall of every society in human history."

The Pew Research Center's daily number offers a sign of a waining American appetite for war. In December 63 percent of Americans said that they do not feel the United States has an obligation to intervene in Syria.

Finally, Detroit, a majority black city, is back in a state of fiscal crisis. This time state take over seems likely.