08/28/2014 05:23 pm ET Updated Oct 28, 2014

5 Reasons Why I Blogged Myself Out of a Job

People often hear the word "blog" and start thinking, oh no! I don't want to blog. Or, what is a blog? Why do I need to do this? and so forth. Sometimes I hear, "I don't know how to blog, so I do not want to do this. I'll just stick with social media to market and brand."


The responses I've been seeing over the past two years just on this little four-letter word is so shocking!

Well I just want to personally add that blogging is a great way to express your voice. Some people blog to make money. Some people blog just for a hobby or to keep in touch with friends and family members, while others may blog just to express themselves.

Personally, I blog for many different reasons. I enjoy blogging and surely this has helped me build my businesses online, my credibility and bomb relationships along the way, too. Blogging gave me overwhelming success and overnight stardom (well, not actually overnight, but you get my drift?).

Once upon a time, when I was heavily involved with MLM/ theDirect Sales and Network Marketing Industry, my blog was the reason I was able to get hundreds upon hundreds of leads, sales and build a dynamic team of up to 300 people in my personal down-line. Every day I would get a new team member joining me without picking up the damn phone to prospect and cold call anyone. Yes! ...having a blog did that.

Blogs are a great way to build your business and boost you up as an authority figure in your field or niche. Not to mention Google LOVES this powerful tool, which ultimately helps you get traffic -- found in the search engines and so forth. So, if I may ask you, if Google loves this so much, why not use it too, right?

This tool period is honestly just a great way to brand you! Any business in any line of industry should be using this tool as leveraging their businesses all online. Just imagine someone 2:00 in the morning using their computer, typed up a word in the search engines and your site came up? All of that would happen while you are in your sleep. This is the purpose of utilizing the platform. NOT some old age or average freebie website.

So, here are 5 reasons why I blogged myself out of a job

1. To make money: I don't make money blogging. I blog to make money. Does this make sense? For example: Blogging does not make me any money. I make the money and I simply use my blog as a tool that helps me in my money-making process.

2. To get traffic: With having a blog on my website for my primary business this made me get sooooo much traffic. Organic traffic which I am able to do using SEO inside my platform.

3. Life is Busy: I'm a busy wife, a mother of two, and I just recently quit my full-time job. My blog helped me position for profits online the right way and I generated passive income streams all online around my main business, even while I sat at my day job. People searched for information and my blog would come up. Life is busy, period! I do not have time to chase friends and family members, do hotel meetings, cold calls, home parties and recruit anyone! I mean who the hell got time for that? Oh not me!

4. Monetizing: I monetize the hell out of everything on my website. I believe in never leaving money on the table. So I monetized my personal blog's site using ads, links and offers (some are free offers and some are paid offers) which again, I get paid for. LEVERAGE!

5. To build my business: My blog is my home space. I have spent much time and energy to grow my home space on the Internet to the point now it's working for me instead of me working for it. Again, this is what I call "LEVERAGE!" yes... that's my favorite 8 letter word.

By blogging weekly and monthly, I control all aspect of how I choose to grow my online presence, my online audience and grow my online money. Now I no longer have a full-time job because I simply blogged my way out of a job into generate passive income streams all online around my primary business which is my fashion line. I call this method my "hush money."

Even if someone decides not to blog for business or maybe just have a simple hobby blog will help them express their style... their voice... and be seen! People can actually take their talents and turn it into (online) profits and using a blog will be their gateway tool out into the world wide web.

You can google anyone of your favorite celebrity. Even they are using this system too! You may see something on their site called "blog" or maybe something like a "news" tab. But let's just honestly face it, blogs are not going anywhere so you mind as well expand your mine and explore your horizons into using this tool to help you rock! Your blog will help you heal thousand - millions of people IF done correctly!

P.S. Are you (not) blogging for business? Talk to me! Tell me why.... I'm listening! Please comment below.

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